My Rick Massa Shadowfax ROTJ Armor Build Thread


Fellow NER Brother and approved ROTJ Boba Fett Rick Massa from NJ passed away in 2016. I was fortunate enough to win the auction for his armor so that we could keep it trooping in the Garrison in his honor with the money going to his long time girlfriend who sadly has stage 4 cancer. This is the build thread of me getting Rick's armor back to trooping level. My name is Sean Glennon, a Marine Veteran and Music Teacher in NJ who is honored to wear Rick's armor one day with your help! My TK ID is TK/CT/TC/CC 19812.

**(This post was updated June 26, 2019)**

Posted November 25, 2018

Ricks Armor as it was when he was approved in 2016, and as I received it in 2018:

- Manofwar Studios (Rick weathered himself)

Boot Spikes- Unknown but Rick installed them

Spats- Manofwar Studios (Rick weathered himself)

4 Shin Tools- Manofwar Studios (Rick painted)

2 Piece Flight Suit- Manofwar Studios-(Rick dyed and weathered)

Pouches on Ammo Belt- Manofwar Studios-(Rick dyed and weathered)

Ammobelt- Manofwar Studios

Girthbelt- Manofwar Studios-(Rick weathered)

Gloves- Manofwar Studios-(Rick weathered)

Flack Vest- Manofwar Studios-(Rick weathered)

Neck Seal- Manofwar Studios

2nd Flack Vest, Neck Seal, and Spats-UNKNOWN Not Using-(Rick weathered)

Armor- Sith Planet- Came pre-painted to Rick. Rick attached the armor to the Flack Vest.

Gauntlets- Sith Planet- Came pre-painted to Rick. Rick made mods to the Gauntlets)

Helmet- Sith Planet-(Came pre-painted to Rick. Rick assembled the Ears, Stalk, and Rangefinder.

Helmet looks to be a fiberglass recast of a FPH2 ESB, Ears and Rangefinder are Resin, and the Stalk is Aluminum. Damage is ESB needs to be corrected.

Helmet Rangefinder- is ESB and resin and needs to be replaced

Cape- Sith Planet-(Came pre-weathered)

Jet Pack- Sith Planet-(came pre-painted. Rick made some mods to it and added the decals)

Jet Pack Decals- (Unknown-Rick said "his friend" made them)

Jet Pack Harness- (Rick scratch built from parts from Home Depot)

Synthetic Wookie Braids- Katarra8 on ebay (Rick modded them)

Hasbro EE3 Blaster- Rick painted and weathered (stock is missing)

At the time of this update (June 26, 2019)

Shin Tools- Replaced with more accurate scratchbuilt ones by me (actual Paterson Squeegee was used)

Man of War Gloves-Replaced with gloves from Mike M

ManofWar Flack Vest and Neck Seal- Replaced with new ones from Batninja

Sith Planet Gauntlets- Replaced with new ones from Manofwar Studios

Sith Planet Jetpack- Replaced with a new one from Manofwar Studios

Jetpack Decals- hand painted by me

Jetpack Harness- I rebuilt Ricks

Inaccurate Armor Paint- Stripped and repainted by me

Inaccurate Chest Diamond- Replaced with one from from Shapeways

Armor Dents- Added 4 missing armor dents.

Armor Decals- Replaced by ones from Scott Lucks.

Inaccurate Helmet Paint- Strip and repaint by me

Helmet Bordon Connector- Replaced with one from Machinecraft Replicas.

Helmet Rangefinder- Replaced with one from Uhbif

Synthetic Wookie Braids- Synthetic Braids from Woodman

MQ1-Casio Board for Helmet- Replaced from Shapeways

Pouches on Ammo Belt- Replaced with scratchbuilt ones by me and Taylor

Collar/Backplate, Kidney Cod Connectors- Replaced with functional ones from Machinecraft Replicas.

Cape- Replaced with one from Woody weathered by me

Gauntlet Darts- Replaced with one from Machinecraft Replicas.
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