Superjedi's SE armor

More work on my SE armor!
A few months back I had painted my knees using pics from the MoM exhibits as reference. The SE suit, however, uses a different left knee which appears to be a holdover from a pre-pro costume.
I got a new set of knees from Viva Fett in order to make an SE left knee. This was a set of "Supertrooper" knees, which are vac formed with no physical damage. I used some heat and a small tool to make a dent that matches the SE reference, then painted it up.
In the pic of both knees, you can see that the pre-pro knee is a lighter color overall, which can be seen in the reference pics.
I wound up using custom colors for this one. I used a couple of different Polly Scale yellows.
I think this pretty much completes my SE armor set!

20220704_154056.jpg 20220704_153953.jpg 20220704_154027.jpg

20220704_154226.jpg 20220701_124237.jpg 20220701_164351.jpg

I worked on my SE gear just a little over the past few days.
Back in May I bought a set of SE style Bobamaker gauntlets from another member. They looked really great! The only part I thought could be improved was the resin rocket on the left gauntlet. It came with a brass hose barb on the back end to attach the third hose seen on the SE costume, so that was cool.
I just felt that the weathering could use some extra care. Here's how it came, compared to how it looks now.


To get it to that state I had to do a number of things. First off all, there were too many "fins" on the main section. I used some styrene strips and putty to fill them in.


I sanded the putty and made sure everything was smooth and level with the surface. Then I masked off the copper cone and the hose barb and shot a coat of silver onto the piece.

20221023_110506.jpg 20221024_194307.jpg

All the black weathering was done topically. I actually made some stencils to help get those intricate little chips to look right.

Here's the finished rocket alongside my Elstree Precision piece, which I had painted a few months ago.

20221029_112811.jpg 20221029_111341.jpg 20221029_111603.jpg

I'll finish with a few shots of the resin rocket compared to the Elstree one mounted on the gauntlet.

20221029_110202.jpg 20221029_105136.jpg 20221029_105424.jpg

This was a nice quick conversion and I'm much happier with the way the rocket looks now!
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