Looking to upgrade A flightsuit and vest


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Some time has passed since my test run,of jedi fett.I received my flightsuit from the PP.Problem s it's baby blue.My vest I made myself.It worked fine for the time.I am finally ready to start my upgrading.I need resources for A
flightsuit and vest.If you have ordered one,or know someone
who has them can you please drop me A line?I would prefer one
that is ready to go,except for the dye.I do not want to make my own.Thank You

Tim Allen

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I just got mine from RA, looks awesome and fits perfectly. You can see it on my of my earlier posts. The color is a little to dark but that can be fixed with dye or bleach or soemething. I havnt gotten around to lightening up mine, but it should work...Hope this helps.