And here we go: jedisushi's 501st APPROVED (!) ESB


Hey everyone! So I'm doing this. I've been a member of the RPF for awhile. And I've assembled some expensive and complex props before (Folmer Graflex this... Tomenosuke that...), but taking on ESB Fett with a goal of joining the 501st is a whole other thing. Not even in the same solar system. Once this horrible pandemic is behind us, I'd really like to do volunteering with the 501st and put some smiles on faces. And today I really started to pull the trigger, so my story begins now. But first...

Like most of you, Boba Fett captured my imagination over 20 years ago and never let go. I still have the plastic Don Post bucket my parents finally got for me one year (shout out to mom and dad, who are awesome and are still storing all my Star Wars toys in their basement). I still have it, and I guess that was enough for a good long while.

Not anymore.

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 6.41.35 PM.png

Fast forward a couple of decades, and I saw this thread at the RPF, in which BobaDanRPF shared the helmet Chris Stallard built for him. For me that was like a rocket ship launching. Since then I've been researching, running numbers (yes, there's a spreadsheet, and I'd be happy to share the template if that would be helpful to folks), and basically psyching myself up to do this. In a way, I'm starting this thread to hold myself to this goal in public (and benefit from the knowledge and kindness I've already experienced on TDH; with special thanks to tennantlim, another man who appreciates the depth and splendor of the Blade Runner blaster).

As a quick aside: why not use one of the amazing lineage casts from RS or MCR? For me, these are amazing artifacts, and if money were no object I'd get one just to display as is. But for costuming/trooping/grown up make believe, I actually prefer a helmet that doesn't show damage that occurred outside the world of the film. It kind of compromises the magic for me. Purely a personal preference.

So anyway... I live in an apartment in a big city, and I'm not embarrassed to admit that I have neither the space nor the tools and skills to build this costume right and do it justice (especially for the 501st CRL). But what I can do is research and collaborate and organize the effort of a disparate team of incredibly talented people (that would be some of you out there).

So Chris Stallard and I have teamed up to do the whole thing helmet together. He'll be on the helmet, armor, and installation. I'll source the rest from across the expanse of TDH and handle all the soft parts (the simpler stuff, clearly) and final assembly.

The helmet will feature metal ears from RS, a metal Borden replica, a real MQ-1 (and we'll use the keypad on the gauntlets), rangefinder lights, and a real Polaroid SX-70 viewfinder lens. For the rest of the kit, I'm going to do as many upgrades as I can with an eye towards accuracy, quality, realism, and durability. That means using the works from MachineCraft and adding CombatBaby's aluminum flamethrower as well (a plastic/resin ESB flamethrower is just asking to be destroyed). Basically I want to do as much right the first time around as I can. I'm pumped to be working with Chris on this project.

And why ESB? For me it's a couple of things:
  1. ESB Fett feels like the purest Fett to me. The original. The most mysterious, quiet professional Fett. For some reason when I think of Fett, I think of him in Bespin, not on Tatooine.
  2. And I love the sidearm... I just do. The dude needs a sidearm.
So all that said, this is my intended plan below. There's a very small chance I could be ready for May the 4th, but in any case I hope it will all come to fruition right around the time I can get vaccinated early next summer, with plenty of time to spare for trooping in good weather, my nephew's birthday in August, and of course Halloween 2021. Lots of parts have been ordered already, and I should be updating this thread starting sometime in January as the simple stuff begins to arrive.

Thank you so much to this community and the many kind people who have been such an amazing resource already. I look forward to all the rabbit holes to come.

EDIT: I'm updating this parts list in May 2022, to reflect the final outcome of my build.

Helmet commission
Metal ears
Casio MQ-1
Polaroid SX-70
Eveready Minilight
Vintage chin cup
Chest lights
Ammo belt
Girth belt
Wookiee braids
Jetpack harness
Jetpack hardware
Flight suit+neck seal / thigh pockets / flak vest
Machinecraft metal upgrades (all of them for ESB)
QuestDesign Jetpack greeblies (these are a better fit for the 7CS jetpack)
Aluminum ESB Flamethrower
Pulce 40
Nemrod Holster
Shin tool: sonic beam weapon
Shin Tool: Anti-Security Blade
Shin Tool: Survival Knife
Shin Tool: Jetpack Adjustment Tool
Dental files (red/silver/blue)
XLR cable and connector
Jetpack beacon light
Chris Stallard
Found part
Found part
Found part
Found part
WF / paint by Black Tusk
WF / paint by Black Tusk
Darth Voorhees / 7CS
Found part / paint/weathering by Ord Mantell
Mike M
WF / paint by F4R
Full metal fett
Someday... ;)
Andy Meyers (Special Ops Models)
TBD; looking at a few options here, but this is the lowest priority
Found part
Machinecraft + Black Tusk
Found part
Found part
Amazon (for once!)

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Okay I lied... I already have an update. Andy just sent me these WIP photos of my Pulce. He was kind enough to agree to remove the logos from the frame and add the tape to the barrel as shown in Art's photos. And he'll be using those images as his guide for weathering as well. He even added the tiny divot at the end of the barrel! I'm confident this is a great option for when the real thing is unavailable or too expensive. Andy's Pulce features machined aluminum parts and I think is as close as you can get to the real thing (for a third of the price). When he agreed to my special requests it was a no brainer.

The gloss coat is just temporary to help the weathering. The final finish will match the prop.

s-l1600 (1).jpg


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Looks like a great list of vendors you got there and I'm already lovin' the organizational effort you're putting into all of this. (y)

Keep it up - looking forward to following you on this journey!



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My first helmet was the exact same Don Post Boba that you have jedisushi — felt like wearing a 5 gallon paint bucket on my head when I was a kid, but now I can barely get the thing on. (It's also sitting in a place of honor at my parents' house, ha.)

Thanks for documenting, excited to see this come together! (y)


I received the completed Pulce from Andy, and boy did he do great work. The aluminum parts are fantastic. And it was so nice of him to make the modifications I requested based on Art’s photos.

I also got this exciting update from Chris: my RS Props metal ears, Polaroid camera, and MQ-1 are finally together and waiting for their turn on the workbench.


Other than that, I need to confess that I got going a bit too fast with other aspects of this build. Despite my extreme organization, I am going to slow this down. So it may be awhile between updates on this thread.

Nevertheless I’m stoked to be a part of the DH community and looking forward to learning from and supporting all of you.

Happy New Year!


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It’s time to bring this thread back from the dead. Although I paused my build, I never gave up, and I was recently able to jump back into it.

Here’s the latest:
  • Chris Stallard delivered a phenomenal helmet over the summer. I couldn’t be happier.
  • Recently, the stars aligned, and I was able to purchase a full set of armor (WF, painted by Brandon at Black Tusk), a jetpack (nearly complete by Lou at 7CS) and a slew of accessories from great makers (MOW girth belt and cape, Delta ammo belt, Bobamaker Nemrod holster, Big Dane harness, JoJoFett Wookiee braids) from the Cargo Hold
  • I also grabbed an Arkady flightsuit and vest very close to my size from another member here.
  • I just ordered a set of boots from latest Fandango Fett run (hope they come through customs and ship soon…)
Where I’m at now:
  • Mostly test fitting and preparing for the last push.
  • I recently setup my cod/kidney connection, following BobaFett007’s method of using a Velcro duty belt to secure everything along with the studs. Next I’ll add the thong.
  • Today I installed my chest electronics and replaced a pin that had come off of one armor plate.
  • I’m grabbing little found part upgrades here and there, like a mini light and correct vintage chin cup.
Here’s what’s coming next:
  • I hope to have my flight suit and flak vest dropped off with the seamstress in the next 2 weeks. Both need to be taken in a bit, and I need to get the slots cut into the vest.
  • As soon as they’re done I will commence weathering (wish me luck), and final assembly. The blue of the flight suit is surprisingly light, so I’m hoping the proper weathering can bring it all together.
  • I need to replace some of the black straps on my harness for a better fit.
  • I ordered a full set of metal upgrades for the jetpack from Dakota at MCR, and they’ll be delivered to Lou next week, along with a beacon light. I also sent Lou a blue dental file.
  • Gauntlet darts and a rocket are also coming from MCR. Then I plan to send the gauntlets back to Brandon at Black Tusk so that he can do the installation…
  • … including painting and installing the genuine Ever Ready mini light that arrived today! He’ll also replace the resin dental files with two real ones I bought in the Cargo Hold last year. And he’ll add the real keyboard from the MQ1 that provided the circuit board for my helmet.
  • Brandon’s also going to touch up and reinforce my knee armor. He’s been so helpful so far and I really appreciate it.
  • Ord Mantell was kind enough to sell me an accurate cape made from the correct tent that he prepared himself.
  • I also sourced a finished set of shin tools made with the correct parts (though I will eventually upgrade the metal rods on the anti security blade), and they’re on the way.
  • The gloves that came with the other accessories do not have white cuffs. Other details are good though, so I’m going to try to spray dye the cuffs and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to source a new pair.
  • Andy at Special Ops Models was so great to work with on my Pulce that I’ll likely order my EE3 from him as well. The Field Marshal kit looks wonderful, but I’m trying to control costs where I can. ;-)
  • I will paint the boots myself when they arrive.
  • I’m still tracking everything in a spreadsheet, so as I near the finish line I’ll be able to answer any questions.
Once the flight suit, vest, gauntlets, and jetpack are done and in one place, I hope to be at about 90-95% complete. And then with some finishing touches behind me I plan to submit to the 501st.

Thanks again to everyone here who continues to be so helpful in threads and DMs. Your builds are all edifying and inspiring. This process is nothing if not a study in planning and patience, and I really am enjoying the process.

I’ll be back again soon with a substantive update!


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Today’s arrivals from MCR. The rocket is surprisingly light. Impressive.

With these in hand I’m just about ready to send my gaunts and knees off to Brandon for some upgrades.


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Tonight’s update: my vintage chin cup has arrived via an acquaintance from the RPF, and it’s in great condition. This will make my helmet interior even more accurate (probably as accurate as I’ll be able to get it, to be honest), but also more comfortable.

Finishing this thing by Halloween isn’t impossible, but priority is to do it right and have a smooth application process for the 501st.

Back soon with more…


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Today’s arrivals from MCR. The rocket is surprisingly light. Impressive.
I'm just guessing you got MCR's "Hollow" version? I've been wanting that for awhile.....Hmmm, maybe I'll get to order one around Christmas.

I got me a QDC version (Brass) for my ROTJ Gauntlet and lucky me, he recently released his Copper Rocket version and agreed to sell me just the copper cone!



Weathering my pouches this morning using black acrylic paint mixed with water in a spray bottle. I tried to capture some photos that would show a bit of a progression on the weathering. I’ll let these dry now and then see if they need another pass.

Next week my gauntlets go off to Brandon for upgrades, and I’ll be seeing the seamstress the week after.

My jetpack from Lou/Darth Vorhees should arrive next week, fully finished with all the upgrades. And Dom/F4R is painting my boots this weekend.

Getting close now!


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I went back with a damp paper towel with some extra paint to dirty them up a bit more and add some dimensionality.


NOW we’re done… for now.

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Looks like we’re not done today. This cape, made out of accurate tent material, just arrived courtesy of Ord Mantell.


And here are the pouches after drying for a few hours.



Just heard from Lou at 7CS that my jetpack is done and ready for shipment! Looks like he did a great job, and I can't wait to see it in person with all the upgrades.

After it arrives I'll do the final hardware and electronics installation.

This will be my last update for maybe two weeks or so while a few things go into a holding pattern, but we'll be doing the rest of the flight suit weathering, final test fitting, and adjustments very soon!


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