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Just thought I`d start this for some feedback, good or bad.

The pic I`m working from:

and my unpainted scratch built version:

Whatcha think?

Took me a minute to figure out that you had placed them on a mannila folder for the pic.Now I see what you were going for,and I think you did a great job Jodo!

What are you going to do about the belt(pouches)itself? It seems like it is made from the same fabric as the jumpsuit,although I have never even seen a pic of what Jodo even looks like, about a shot of him to get a feel for what the finished product will look like.

Thanks everyone. Yes, the belt pouches will be the same color as the jumpsuit. I`ll post the pic I`m using tomorow.


I`d rather not tell everyone how long it took me to research, test, and finally come up with those as a finished product. Lets just say a lot of months....


It took a loooong time to figure it all out but here goes.

From left to right.

The circular part on top of the box is as follows,

The box under the circular part is a project box from Radio shack. The circular part on top of it is a toilet flapper that is modified.
The square box is a small plastic box I bought from the Container store and then I cut the slats in it.
The other belt accessory is as follows:
The small square piece is all found parts from Radio Shack and then painted black. The main big piece is the top of a sipper cup from Walgreens, An AC Delco oil filter, the top of a peanuts jar, and another project box fom Radio Shack that was cut under the screw holes.
Thats the short version....I can go into more greater length if anyone needs me too.

Looks great, I can't imagine how brain-wracking it must be to constantly have to improvise parts and pieces from only a handful of source pics.

Great work,
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