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Well folks, I can finally say with some authority that I have officially started this Jodo Kast project. For those of you who have read Scar's Jodo build, my story is going to be very similar. I had acquired some Fett parts with the intentions of completing a ROTJ build. BUT, after seeing Scar's build and having a taste for odd things I decided to go the Jodo route. To be honest, I have only "built" 1 costume (a custom mando) and the others I have just put together, so I am going to see if I still remember how to do this :p.

So here is a basic picture of the armor and things that I HAD.


The soft part ended up being too large for my liking, and since I didnt want to ruin the Boba paint job I eventually just used this whole suit for reference points.

To start off, this is what my costume will be based off of.

It is a dentless GMH helmet I had purchased from JodoKast89 (Thanks Dakota!) and is what my whole costume is based around.

Seeing as I didn't want to repaint over the Boba paint scheme for the armor and fill in the dents, I decided I was going to make my own based off of the WOF templates and my set of Cruzer Jango armor. I wanted to use something sturdy, and I have had absolutely idea how to lay fiberglass out so I grabbed some old PVC pipe that was laying around my house and began to cut away with a my dremel tool.

This picture is the Boba armor

And this is the rough cut of the front plates.

luckily I just happen to be the size of my half mannequin that I own, so I was able to shape the pieces without having to figure out how I was going to do that by myself...

Obviously I am just tipping the iceberg here, but there will be more to come, so stay tuned!

PS, to any of the resident Jodo experts, is there a better alternative to the chest decal and shoulder bell decal than hand painting them? I haven't checked locally to see if I can get them printed but I was curious what you guys had done for your builds.


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Great start, man! I can't wait to see that helmet accompanied by a full build! Easily will be one of the best looking Jodos out there!!!


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Great start, man! I can't wait to see that helmet accompanied by a full build! Easily will be one of the best looking Jodos out there!!!

No pressure there then bud :p

I painted my decals, but I do know that Scott.M (from over @, Jodo Kast sub forum) did print some Red chest decals off & was offering them out, maybe he has some left?
Pretty sure that the Mythosaur logo is printable from someplace on the Interwebz.

Really looking forward to seeing this evolve mate, if you need aught measured, pictured, compared et al, just holler.

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Yeah, no pressure indeed at this point haha. I have some stiff competition :). Scar I will shoot you a PM because I actually do have some questions for you and especially some pics to compare!

Today will be a slow day since I am in between work shifts (12hr shift work doesn't leave a whole lot of play time lol). BUT, keeping that in mind I said I would complete a little bit of it. So the challenge I have today is transforming two of these


Into a back plate, cod piece, knee armor, and kidney plate. I will post updated pics some time this weekend.

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So after some trial and tribulation I was able to finally crank out 1 backplate from the pipe. (I can tell you if you do it by yourself it makes it infinitely harder than with an extra set of hands). So here is the finished product.


I couldnt get the edges as sharp as I had wanted on the lower fins, but they still turned out pretty decent IMO so I can't complain to much.

I also had a little bit left over from the original pipe so I decided I would cut out the butt plate and codpiece as well.




And here is the little button greeble on the right side also cut out of some leftover pvc pipe using a dremel tool

Here is what it should (I use that term losely) look like once I bondo the edges to make a smooth edge.


So hopefully if things go well I can have the majority of the armor pieces completed so I can move on to the painting.

I received my knee darts today so I can start trying to cut out and shape some knee plates as well. The next update after this one might be a few days because I am going to try my hand at casting some extra knee darts so I can make some gauntlet darts and inner knee darts, so we shall see how that all turns out. If anyone has any suggestions as to what type of mold/mixer I should use I am all ears. The only thing I have found at my local Hobby lobby was a "Mix a Mold" kit made by Amco. If anyone knows anything about that product as well let me know if its worth the buy or not.
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All right everyone, time for an update.

So my attempt at making a resin copy of one of my knee dart accessories was a flop and turned out terrible so I just scrapped the whole attempt at casting a resin copy and just ordered some more knee darts to complete the knees.

SSSOOO instead I thought I would try and knock out the armor. So I started with the chest pieces and shoulder bells.


And then next the cod, backplate, and kidney armor.


For the weathering I continued with the layered paint job and used some good old toothpaste as "masking" fluid.

Unfortunately, I tried to paint on the logo on the right chest piece, and messed up. So I had to restart the paint layers again.


But I was able to transform that into this


A shout out to Scott for the awesome decal!

So when it is put all together with the helmet, it looks a little something like this.




I haven't decided if I want to put a whole bunch of carbon scoring on it or not yet since the helmet really didn't have any on it, but I will just have to see.

The next project while I wait on the knee darts is sprucing up the gauntlets and adding the dart housing. So a little bit of a start on that...





Also here are just some more miscellaneous pictures of the progress (I am trying to make this a progressive build where I show each step, but I have forgotten to take a few pictures here and there so I just thought eh, what the heck)

Let me know what you all think so far.












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What makes a Jodo is the "Pain in the *** extra's", so when you're sat at your work bench at gone Midnight wondering why you just didn't stick with a Boba...
It's well worth going the extra mile when you see it all come together.

For the moulds I use Silicon from these folks Carbon Fibre Cloth, Epoxy Resin, Kevlar, Diolen, Equipment and Supplies for Advanced Composites - Easy Composites (after making a master copy from anything you can cobble together, card, wood whatever - then use a dental type Resin for the actual copies of Knee darts, gauntlet rocket's etc).

Decals looking good too. Glad Scott still had some.

The Weathering is such a personal thing, everyone has their own take on what's too much or not enough.
I'd recommend a light misting with a Black or Brown Rattle can with your kit laying on the floor, spraying down onto/over it, slowly layering it up to get that patina of Flu Whaka filth just right.

It's really coming together now mate, well done.

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So a small update here, I finally have the right gauntlet finished so I thought I would throw up some pics.

So here is basically what I started with.

And in order to get this,

I took a piece of leftover abs plastic, heated it with a heat gun, and then curled it around a metal rod to give me the desired affect. Once that was done, I cut the excess off with my dremel.

Once I did that same process with the knee darts, this was the end result.

And now onto the paint...
And finally the orange with a bit of it scrapped off.

And then the finished product with some black paint to add in the grime.

I again went with the layered paint job to keep the same style as the rest of the armor going, so now y next hurtle will be the left gauntlet (hopefully after hours of staring at your pictures Rich I will be able to give those rockets justice like you did haha)
I have checked out that silicone , which I hooks have used in the first place, and try and find and equivilant over here in the states. I have a friend who is actually a dentist so I will be giving them a call about what he uses for his teeth molds.

But until that happens, I am going to shift my focus on the boots and painting them up. Hopefully I will have them done within the week :S

Again, thoughts and opinions are definitely welcome and encouraged!

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I was able to get some work on the boots done yesterday and decided I would post some pictures, So I started with the basic MOW (not sure what year they are) boot, and then pick up some cheap acrylic paint and go to town. I went with Apple Barrel brand "pewter grey" for the light grey and a "pavement" for the darker. I was really happy with the darker grey since it gave a slight hue of purple to it as well.

But he was the starting photo and then a photo for the edging.

And then the finished paint.

now to give it a little character.
IMG_1409[1].JPG IMG_1465[1].JPG IMG_1466[1].JPG ,

Not sure if I am going to keep the spats lighter as they are and just weather them to make them darker (they are a REALLY light grey to try and match the contrast that Boba has with his flightsuit and spats, but my soft parts are still in the planning stages) or actually dye them a darker color and weather them. Hopefully I will get more done this week than I did last week haha.

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Well, to all who have been following my thread there has been a bit of delay while I wait on my jetpack to arrive in the mail. So to keep everyone entertained I have transformed my broken Marmit Boba Fett 12" figure and turned him into what my Jodo Kast should look like. Jetpack should be in and the soft parts should be finished this week so more pics this weekend. But for now here are some pics.


And one for fun :)

More coming soon!


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Jetpack update:

Started with a fiberglass pack from fetseven, and from what I can tell the details are spot on and the proportions are correct.

I decided to use the paint scheme adopted by JodoKast3 as my reference (I just loved the color combo). Although I will admit I took a little artistic liberty with choosing the red and went with a deep read rather that maroon. I also tried to match the tan color on the pack by using Krylon "Pebble" gray.

Here is the pack, primed and ready for the layered paint job.

Next I added the pebble gray

then added some red

A touch of weathering

And then hand painted the white and black, giving me a some what finished product

Now AT&T it needs is a little bit of dirt and grime (and a rocket of course) and she will be ready to fly.

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Small update on the jetpack, Finally got through with the weathering and adding the extra "markings" (most of it taken from Boba's ROTJ pack, but with a little twist) so in case people forgot, this is the before picture.


and then the after
I also made my own stabilizer out of some spare parts I had lying around.



The only thing I have left to add on is the beacon light, which I am trying to piece together at the moment.

Soft parts are almost finished, received them yesterday and I am going to have to trim them down before I can start adding the armor plates. I am slowly but surly chugging along on this.

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So, the soft parts came out to be a little large on me, so they are being taken back to the drawing board for alterations. In the mean time I have been slowly picking away at the left gauntlet since I recieved some pieces from Scar (thanks Rich!) so with ought further adue, the end result of the left gauntlet.
Quick pick before I attached the bottom and weathered it with grime.
And now the after.



I know it's not much,and I still have to connect the other side of the gauntlet together, but I think all and all it's starting to come together, and again props to scar for giving me the scorching idea for the flame thrower. It makes the whole thing look great!

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I know an update has been a while back, but I thought I would show what I have been working on during all of this time, so enjoy :)

IMG_1725.JPG IMG_1728.JPG


For the light I used one of those bike lights that TK409 suggests on his website, I think it works quite well for 5 dollars. IMG_1726.JPG

The only thing thats left on it is making the cloth dirty and putting some burn marks in the cape.

Again if someone sees something that I am missing, just hollar it out. I am trying to pay attention to small details. A quick note, I separated the neck piece and back piece after some deliberation since the PVC pipe was so thick it looked odd stacked on each other. other than that everything should resemble what Boba's would be. more to come soon.

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So its been a while since I have updated anything, and with a comic convention coming up in about 6 weeks, I have a deadline I am going to shoot for. This is what I have so far. (Keep in mind this is on a 6' mannequin and I am only 5'8" but other than that the body type fits me well). The codpiece is just being held up by the belt and the knees are just taped on there, but it gives me a visual reference as to what it should look like.
other than the gloves being too white and the knees being unfinished, what do you all think? I know the belt accessories still elude me, but I am working on that. If anyone has any idea as to what to use let me know. Knees should be finished this weekend.
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Finally finished out the knees, for the weathering I used chalk pastels and then a grey/dirt wash in some of the crevices. A word of advice to those who have not done a lot of weathering, I HIGHLY recommend using a "wash" in hard to reach areas like corners (and in this case, the knee darts) to give that grime look, and chalk pastels for the charring/dirt look on round/open surfaces. I think the effect turned out quite nice.
For a little bit of fun and some artistic expression, I painted the rocket top that came with my jetpack from FettSeven in a fashion that is similar to Boba Fetts, Since Kast impersonated Fett I thought it only fitting that the weathering over time my have been similar on his rocket. (you see a glimpse of the fett style rocket on Jodo's pack after Dengar saves him, although it has no coloring on it)
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