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Tell that to the man himself.:p :lol: I wish he was weathered.:facepalm



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Zeever Fett said:
That is a pic of Boba Fett from Tatooine, just altered and doctored...

And BTW, yours looks way cleaner than that pic!

I don't think it's an altered Fett pic, for starters it lacks a number of things such as the scope on the EE-3 blaster, also the jet pack rocket is massively different. Also whilst it is possable to change the colours of a picture, EVERY colour has been changed. It's more likely that it's a suit of armour that has been painted up like that for the Decipher cards and photographed against an appropriate background.

Either way Jodo, you need to dirty up your armour and flightsuit a touch.

Zeever Fett

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you can't be serious...

Well at least they fool you ;)

I am a veteran at Photoshop, and that is even a bad composite for the background...