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  1. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Decided to do a Jodo Kast. This seemed like a fun & challenging character to do. I am taking a different approach to this than others have taken in the past. I have been working on designing most of the parts to be 3D printed. I am trying to make the pieces as close to the comic book reference "Twin Engines of Destruction", but using some creative liberties as well.

    The first pieces that I have gotten in were for the jetpack. I did a complete 3D design of the jetpack & have created a pepakura file to build the body. Design this base on what I learned from my first jetpack build. I designed the rocket tip, beacon, & stabilizer based off the comic which would be specific to Jodo Kast. I have had all the other pieces thrusters, upper/lower fuel tank caps, rocket collar, & the rocket pieces already designed.

    Here are some of the 3D designs for the piece that I am planning on having printed. These are both the left & right belt pieces & rangefinder with the added lens & the round lens on the perspex block. The pistol & throw grenades were designed per the comic references. The pistol grenade will fit on the end of the Pulce 40 that I designed. Which is a 4 pieces design & is designed to have a seperate moving trigger. I decided to go with the Pulce 40 because this is consistent with Boba Fett & being similar era & in previous Jodo Kast costumes this has been used. Jodo seems to use a number of different blasters though out the comic. I will also be making a modified EE-3 based on the comic.

    I got a miscast helmet from Darth Voorhees, to use. It had a messed up key slot area which I will cut out & replace with buttons instead.

    I am working on designing the gauntlets to be 3D printed which will be Jodo Kast specific based on the comic. I have gotten the right gauntlet pretty much done may do a few more tweeks. I added the extra rockets on the sides & the scoop around the darts. I went with a combination of the ESB & ROTJ whip cord housing because there is a reference showing details similar to both throughout the comic so why not make a hybrid.

    Haven't decided on the route I am taking in regards to the armor & soft parts.





















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    ISBEAR Jr Member

    Il definitely keep an eye on this one.
    (Funny. Some weeks back, I was thinking of buying the miscast from Darth voorhees and make a Jodo out of it.)
  3. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    This was good helmet to do this build even though the dent needs to be filled.

    Well in looking through the comic, there is some hints that there is a strip on the cape. It looks like the cape would be a dark brown with a lighter tan shaded stripe like the ESB Fett cape. Here are a couple of the cells that show this.

    Also worked on the left gauntlet adding the 2 smaller rockets. I made them a little smaller than how they are shown in the comic to try & make it more realistic on the left gauntlet. I wanted to keep the main features intact with some simple mounts & not to make it too bulky.


  4. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Started working on my jetpack yesterday. This started with 25 printed sheets of 110 lb. card stock.

    All the pieces were cut out. This tends to be one of the most grueling parts of the build. With this being a pepakura build there are tabs with all the I.D. numbers to help you put it together & line everything up.

    After everything is cut out decided to start sorta in the middle in order to work my way out. The pep file is designed symmetrical so there is left & right side so makes it easy to put it together. There are bend lines printed on each piece that I am lightly scoring to help create the bend & am using various pliers to help do the bending of the tabs & pieces. I have found that using wood glue works well, easier to clean up than using super glue & less chance of sticking fingers together.

    I built my Boba Fett jetpack in the same manner that I am going to build this using the card stock as an outer shell & using .060" thick chip board (architectural card board) for internal structure. Printing out a second set of pieces on plain paper, using these as templates for the chip board pieces that will be used on the inside. There is more that will be done but this is a start.










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  5. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Some more progress on the jetpack. Assembled some more of the card stock shell & did some structuring with the ship board.

    Also a mock up with the 3D printed rocket & base collar.







  6. SigSavage

    SigSavage Jr Member

    Looking very cool. I'm impressed with the handmade Jetpack this far.
  7. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Thank you for the kind words. This being my second go at building a jetpack from scratch, learned a ton with the first build. With designing the model & the pep file I had already planned out the build in my head which has been a big help.

    Some more progress on the jetpack. Finished up assembling the exhaust vent & added some more pieces of the chip board for structure. The grate is 3D printed.




  8. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Finished up the assemble of the card stock shell on the outer portion of the jetpack. Still need to finish the back but will be adding some added chip board inside. Did a complete mock up with all of the 3D printed parts.

    Also received a box in the mail today with some 3D printed pieces. The belt pieces, rangefinder assembly, jetpack piano keys, ears & back plate for the helmet.

    The light kit is JC27's from my Boba Fett rangefinder, this is a drop in without any modification. This range finder assembles in minutes.

    The ear pieces & the rangefinder stalk are printed in a metallic gray plastic.
























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  10. redkraytdragon

    redkraytdragon Active Member

    Really impressed with this build so far, as well as your 3D skills. Nice work man, keep it up and keep those pics coming!
  11. norgs79

    norgs79 Member

    This looks awesome. Love the jetpack! Will be following this closely. Great job so far man
  12. MLS

    MLS Member

    Got the material for the cape... should have it ready tonight.
  13. Mike M.

    Mike M. Community Staff

    what do jodo gloves look like?
  14. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Great, look for to seeing it.

    They are just like Boba Fett's, in fact I would say they are like the ESB version & being gray. Looks like there is the padded tackle twill on each finger & thumb & the outside of the hand. The rest of the glove would be in grey. There doesn't seem to be any padded parts on the inside of the fingers though.

    It is very hard to tell due to this being a comic. I am basing a number of decisions on this costume base on being in the same era as Boba Fett & emulating that style more for a real world look.

    Also did some work on the helmet got the dent filled in and filled in the Boba specific damage. Leveled the areas the ears sit & got the mounting holes drilled for them. Cleared out the key slot area & installed the button panel. Getting ready for some primer.







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  15. Mike M.

    Mike M. Community Staff

    at one point i thought the pads were more square and darker than the base glove. but i really don't know. if you want a pair of gloves for jodo be sure to let me know and if there are any specific mods you would like.
  16. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    It is hard to tell with the comic cause the inking leaves a little to be desired form consistency. I will look into it to see if there is anything that would need to be changed.
  17. BobaFiend

    BobaFiend Member

    You are killing this build, man. Great clean PeP work, excellent 3D models, smooth scratchbuilt parts. I'm hoping this is going to be the new Jodo gold standard.
  18. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Thanks BobaFiend for the kind words.

    Worked on finishing the inside of the jetppack before putting the back on. After putting all the chip board pieces that I wanted on the inside I began gluing pieces of card stock on all of the seams. I find this helps hold things in place & leaving gaps will allow the coating of resin to fill in those places which was done next. Used smooth cast 320 to coat the inside using a chip brush & some pouring to spread it around. I have found that this give a very strong & durable result & is very light weight.

    Primed the helmet & block sanded it, but need to spot prime a couple of spots before paint but is pretty much ready for that stage. The 3D printed ears have a hex designed in them to fit an 8-32 nut which I epoxied in so that they could be attached to the helmet.










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  19. Micheltenc

    Micheltenc Jr Member

    awesome build and love the jetpack built like this. Hope mine works out half as good. Are we going to see a 3D printable Jetpack in the future?
  20. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words Michel. As for a 3D printable jetpack it could be in the possible but I think it would be too costly at this time. That is why I went with the pep build for the body.

    Received my cape from MLS, can't say enough for his communication & working with me on what I wanted. For doing something custom he got this done in quick order. Absolutely excellent. The cape is similar to the ESB Boba Fett cape. The stripe is the same color but went with a dark brown for the rest.

    Getting close to completing the jetpack I have been mulling over the color scheme which is something that I have been pondering for a while. Haven't seen anyone do a paint scheme in the mono-color scheme that is shown throughout the comic so decided to come up with a scheme based on this with some artistic interpretations. Going with a medium blue body, with red caps on the fuel tanks, orange on the base of the rocket & the piano keys, & some gray & silver throughout. This will also be heavily weathered. My thinking is that it would be similar but different to the ESB Boba Fett jetpack as a comparison.




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  21. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Been a bit have had some home projects to work on, but have gotten the jetpack fully resin coated, filled with a coat of bondo & sanded, then a light coat of a spackle with a mixture of Elmers glue for some extra bond. Sanded this down to a pretty smooth finish. Will be adding some spot filler & brush on another light coat of resin over the entire outside of the pack to fill in voids & to seal the spackle. Then finish sanding & ready for primer. Will be getting the piano keys attached will probably use super glue. Getting things ready for painting when the weather finally warms up.




  22. Damore

    Damore New Member

    This build looks great. Are you going to be adding these parts to your Shapeways store? I'm going to be upgrading a friend's Jodo Kast soon, and some of these parts would really help out.
  23. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Thank you for the kind words. These parts will be available in my Shapeways shop at some point.

    Been working on getting the jetpack ready for paint. Did a layer of spackle mixed with elmers glue over the entire pack & sanded it to smooth out things Added the 3D printed piano keys, just used super glue to attach them to the body. Then I did another light coat of resin over the entire pack. Sanded this all smooth then it was time for primer. After the first coat of primer did some spot fills & wet sanded it to smooth it out. Ready for paint. Primed & smoothed the fuel tank tops & bottoms, rocket, collar, grate, & thrusters.

    Got my light kit in for the rangefinder from Jc27 yesterday. This one is white.

    Also asked Major to make me a custom set of gloves which came in today. These are great gloves. I had him make a couple of slight changes to make it more Jodo specific. The top pads are more square near the knuckles & have a slight bevel with 3 stitches instead of the radius & the 4 on Boba Fett's gloves. I went with grey & will darken the tackle twill to a light grey. I based this off the few view in the comic.

    Also have the 2 belt accessory panels & helmet ready to paint.










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  24. RichardJones

    RichardJones Member

    That pack looks insane! Beautiful craftsmanship!
  25. toolguy301

    toolguy301 Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words Lance.

    The painting has begun. Jetpack, belt accessories, & helmet are all in a base coat of silver.

    Received a box in the mail with my armor that I got from RKD. I had a special request to use his V1 knee armor & going with an inner & outer dart housing on each. This way I will have 4 darts on each knee. This is some great armor. Other than some trimming & sanding to get things to fit it shouldn't take long to be ready for paint. Will was great to work with.








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