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I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have been reading all these great threads on Zam and seeing all the wonderful work put into this costume.

I can't wait to start building my own Zam. I want to make it top notch, so I know it will take a long time and alot of $$$. But I am so excited.

I am already a 501st member. I have a sandtrooper and a officer's costume as well.

I do have a question. How many have finished a Zam? How many are still working on theirs?
have about 50% done...started it about 5 months ago...trying to get it done for's for my wife, jamie(clawdite77)
Started the costume Jan 1st hehe!! We are about 75% through, Just bits need finishing and tying togather etc. Vest and belt are the next major things then its pretty much done. I cant wait for it to be over ... emr i mean finished lol
Mine's, well, as done as it ever gets. You'll find yourself upgrading parts as you go along or things break or rub funny. It's been "done" for about 2 years now and I'm still not happy with it.

Welcome Thumper. I'm Langsuir666's better half and currently enjoying a break from work. Tomorrow it'll be 85% done, LOL

Good luck with your costume. Next to snowtroopers it's my favourite costume out there :)
Been working on it longer than I can remember and still not done... ;) I'm aiming for DC this year... I've promised it will be done by then, so I better get my rear in gear eh? ;)

I know I know the name "Thumper" from the 501st... have we met before? Through someone in the Ohio or Florida Garrison's maybe?
Nope... has to be someone else. This "Thumper" was in the Rebel Legion in Florida, but was working on something with the 501st in the Florida Garrison, or going out with someone in the Garrison... This was about 5 years ago, as well.
Mine consists of a pair of shoes and material and greeblies in a box under my bed at the moment to keep little fingers away from it LOL Oh yeah...and pestering my friend who does leather to see what some of this is going to entail and how much he might charge for a couple of the things I know will kill me (skirt!)
Ordering of more parts will be occuring soon here so perhaps I'll actually get further here soon.
Ok, got my cd in the mail!! WOW!! Tons of great reference.

However, I have a question. I noticed brown buttons on the pants in one of the images. It was a shot that was from the ground up. I assume they are for the spenders holding the pants up. Is this correct?

Also, a technical question. I know we shouldn't post the images up. But if I have a question about an image, can I crop it to show what I am talking about, or should I just list the image file name and then people can just look at their own images?
Hiya Brooke!! Great to have you here!

My Zam is in the collecting stage. I'm lurking around and getting in on the runs of things I'll need to do this costume. As you know....I have a few other costumes so I'm in no rush and intend to take all the time I need on this one.
Also, a technical question. I know we shouldn't post the images up. But if I have a question about an image, can I crop it to show what I am talking about, or should I just list the image file name and then people can just look at their own images?

I don't have a problem with you posting one or two images from the CD on TDH to ask a question about the costume. (Please make a note that the pictures are property of DustinCropsBoy though). You do need to cut the size down - those pictures are HUGE! If you can crop out the unnecessary parts it also helps us to see what you're talking about. Also include the image number so those of us with the CD can go look at the full sized image as well if we want.

That CD is great isn't it! I think I burned the images in my head for days! :lol: The buttons you're refering to are for suspenders holding up the pants.
Ok, completed a big step.

I found someone that doesn't want their custom neoprene from the first run that ZIA did anymore. I am so excited!! I was so worried about what I was going to do for the body suit material!! Now, I have the perfect material!!!:D
WOW! My fabric arrived in the mail! It is so beautiful. ZIA did a great job with those fabric runs. It is so perfect. :love

Now, to start finding a pattern to alter and make some test suits in a different stretch fabric.:)
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Start looking through the patterns at JoAnn's or other sewing store!

The top is easier as there are a number of t-shirt patterns that can be altered. The pants pattern is harder... I found a Vogue that I'm going to try to alter... Vogue V8366. I'ts made for stretch denim and has the seams down the front/back already... less alterations really.
as mentioned I used a pattern for a sweatsuit which is made from stretch material and with a few alterations it worked like a charm
Wow, I am moving so slowly on collecting more parts for my Zam.

But I finally won a pair of Prada's off Ebay. And they have the correct sole!!! They are all black, but I can paint the brown on right?
Yep... just use paint made for leather! Regular acrylic paint will peel off... most likely when you least want it to happen! ;) The paint can be airbrushed on or sponged on (in VERY thin layers) - otherwise it will peel off. You also need to use a de-glazer to get the finish off the boots first. All of this you can buy from Tandy Leather or from other leather sources online or locally.
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