Interest in groovy Zam hand plates

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I've made these for Becky as the ones we had weren't right. Zam's hands should have a pointy middle finger bit, ours didn't and Becky felt they were way too large.
So I made these :)


And then I thought, well maybe you lot may want some too so I made these


They may need a 'little' bit of work to show up a nice groove etc, but it's not hard. Just file along the lines (if you want too) and then spray black. Then spray silver at a shallow angle (keeps the black paint showing in the groove)
you end up with something like this (first mould, it's since changed, and first attempt)


I don't know what to pass them on for ($ vs £ etc) so give me an idea if you're interested :)
£10 untrimmed then?
2 plates and the thumb bits.
You just have to cut them out. that way you choose the thickness. No idea what postage will be though. Not much as they're as light as a feather.
Well, a large feather ;)
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i would be interested in those john...they look pretty nice to me

send me a pm with total for shipping to north brookfield ma, usa
Do you want to check in to what it would be to Canada? We've apparently got some sort of wonky postal system - everything costs more and everything arrives waaay late.
Can you let me know how much you want in either Pounds or US dollars? I'm confused now as to what currency I should be paying you in.... 17.58 in pounds? (Sorry...can't figure out the little symbol)

No, it's about £10 to get them sent to you, unrecorded mind, in Canada.

Those who have paid, their all in a jiffy bag and I'll getem posted tomorrow. Thanks

(I think this thread should have gone to the Cargo Hold - Oops)
No... it can also go here as it is a "limited run" sort of thing. If you were gonna sell off the rest of your Zam parts, then it would go in the Cargo-Hold.

Clear as mud eh? ;)
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