How to corrode/"weather" aluminum shin tools?


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I want to have REAL (not painted on or misted) corrosion and damage to my aluminum shin tools. Any suggestions?


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Are they actual aluminum? IF so you can take them to a paintshop and have them sandblast them for awhile, gives a nice worn look.

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Leave them outside. Especially when it's humid and when it rains, just let it sit and it they should rust. Don't let them rust too much, then use some steel wool to take some of it off.

And if you want to get technical:

Get two cups of saltwater, in one goes the aluminum, the other a harder metal such as steel, connect the two with a wire and there you have a battery.

Anode, Cathode, Electrolite. The weaker metal will corrode. I saw it done in my Painting/ Corrosion Control class for the Navy. The weaker metal began bubbling almost immediatly.