Gauntlet Lights?


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ok I'll admit. I am an idiot when it comes to things like this(electronics). I picked up this light and switch at Radio Shack. Can someone tell me if this looks to be ok? And how do I connect this to a power supply? Can any battery work or does it have to be specific. I just kinda need some direction on how to get the light to work with the switch. Is one of those 3 things on the swicth for "ground"? Thanks guys!
OK, I'm not an electronics expert, but I think this is the way it should work. :facepalm

I can't remember if you need a resistor in the circuit for an LED. . .

Someone please tell me if I'm way off here!

If that's the one I bought, it's not an LED, it's a small lamp and isn't very bright. I don't think you'd need a resistor for it if you're going with a 9v.
I believe this is how you'd do it.

Also, as I was saying, that lamp isn't very bright (if its the one I think it is). I cut off the bottom of the red plastic casing and pulled out the lamp. Then I inserted a bright led into the casing and glued it up. Looks alot better. here's a pic.

You know, I think you should go with Digital509's diagram and not mine. I believe that is correct.
I wish I knew more about this magical "electricity". . . :p
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