Ultimate PrePro2 Gauntlet Build

Can you enlighten me more as to what kind of strip board that is? Is it still available? I'd love to get my hands on it to put it on this. Thank you so much for the info, I've never seen this nailed down so well. We definitely need a new consolidated found parts thread from Art. With the recently found whipcord housing found part, no doubt any such thread could use updating!
Sure. I covered different types of stripboard a little bit in my thread about the ESB helmet interior electronics and in my ESB build thread, but basically this stuff is still easily available. The new stuff is not as good quality as the 70's stuff, though. Search ebay for veroboard or stripboard. The most common pitch, which is the distance between the holes, is 2.54mm. But they used the less common 3.5mm on the right gauntlet. It's a little harder to find. Well, okay, a LOT harder. But it does turn up from time to time. Also, I have some extra. Send me a PM if you want a piece.
Well it seems like this gauntlet is not finished lol but here are some pics with the eveready light installed. I need to touch up the color on the switch.

It's funny. Could just be the rkd housings are larger than fettpride housings but the handy light fits perfectly.

Serious question guys and gals, are there any gauntlet kits with lineage? As I understand it the fettpride gauntlets are probably the most accurate but have any vacuformed gauntlet kits been made that claim to be pulled from the real deal or suspected of being pulled from the really gauntlets ( whether screen used or stunt or spare)?

I also decided to take some closeups of various parts, including the soon to be replaced whipcord launcher breech.


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Thanks man! I’ve been meaning to update it, I’ve moved and all my stuff is packed up. I do a lot more show and tell on IG Andrew.Hoyt.rowell

I’ll be updating this thread and my Prepro2 full suit build soon. I’ve begun the process of taking everything out and getting it sorted
So I haven’t forgotten about this thread, working on the the other gauntlet as well, I’ll do an in depth build on this thread of the left yellow gauntlet, just wanted to show off some pics of the end product. I’ll be building this from the same set of vacuformed plastic gauntlets as the right side. I just wanted to put this up here for a teaser. I will also go into how I build the flamer. I do offer finished flamers for these gauntlets as well.


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Here are a few shots with both so you can see the interplay of color between the two. As stated I believe this darker maroon color to be closer to the real thing than the more commonly used red. I do like to add a bit more shading and depth to my paint jobs than some so I apologize if they aren’t as “clean” looking, I try to capture the look and feel, not just accuracy. I want accuracy, in scratch placement, chipped paint size and shape and placement and details, but a lot can be achieved with adding some shading and depth, it helps bring it out of the toy like realm into a more realistic representation of the actual prop. To each their own though.


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