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Hello Fellow Fetts,
My apologies if this topic has been discussed (I couldn't find anything on it though - via searching) But after seeing the second season of "The Mandalorian", I had a few questions up for debate....(Potential spoilers for those who haven't seen those episodes - My apologies)

First off, how freaking awesome was it to see our hero back in action and not showing those Stormtroopers any mercy? Like all of you, I'm so stoked in seeing "The Book of Boba Fett" this holiday season!

OK.....and down to business...
I know our Fett-World is ever evolving. It is just fun to be nit-picky......hehehe. Now the 501st has made mention, in their latest iteration of the Left gauntlet that there should be a "slight but noticeable lip around the forward opening of the flamethrower housing."....this is kind of a two-part question/discussion.....
501st ROTJ Left Gauntlet.jpg

Firstly, The Mandalorian show, chronologically takes place after Return of the Jedi, correct? And those Gauntlets are presumably the same as we've seen in the Return of the Jedi. In The Mandalorian show, I didn't see that "slight but noticeable lip" around his Flamethrower Housing. Even in the very last episode of the second season, that post credit scene didn't have it either.

Boba Fett - Left Gauntlet -  Piece Missing.jpg

Are we to assume that either the Jawa's or Cobb Vanth removed that piece? (Also, personally, I was never a BIG fan of that piece and didn't include it on my Gauntlet)

And the second part of this is......I thought that the Left Gauntlet (Those Nozzles) was the Flamethrower? Now.....I know in Return of the Jedi we never see Boba Fett use the flamethrower, but a later artist rendition has him using it in the Sarlaac pit, which is where I think we got the notion that those nozzles were a Flamethrower....
Boba Fett Escapes Sarlacc.jpg

The only reason I bring this up is because in the Mandalorian we see....
Boba Fett - Laser Blast from Flamethrower Nozzles.jpg

I think it shows pretty clear that those double laser blasts are coming out of the flame thrower nozzles. Or are we to assume that they are 2 weapons in one? (can be used for either a Flamethrower or Laser Blasts)

In ROTJ we see Boba Fett shoot a laser blast from what looked like came from the Gauntlet Rocket...
ROTJ - Gauntlet Laser.jpg

Even Machine Craft Replica's calls his piece.....
MCR Flamethrower Nozzles Kit - ROTJ.jpg

(Which are awesome pieces by the way and what I have on my Boba Maker Gauntlets!)

Furthermore, in the last episode of season two of The Mandalorian, we see Boba Fett use his Flamethrower, which is clearly on the Right Gauntlet.....
Boba Fett - Flamethrower.jpg

Again, it is fun to pick things like this apart a little. So I'd love to hear what you guys think on the subject too! final thing.....but did you notice that Boba Fett's LED was glowing red on his Jetpack Beacon in the last post credit scene in The Mandalorian?
Red LED in Beacon.jpg

I just thought that was interesting.

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The ROTJ costume and The Mandalorian version are not related in any way. The continuity between them isn’t very good.

Up until the show the left gauntlet was almost always depicted as flamethrower in the Expanded Universe. That’s why MCR and the 501st refer to it as such.

The lip on the “flamethrower” housing is present in the ROTJ film and photoshoot. It’s also visible on some of the ROTJ SE photoshoots pictures. My guess is they broke it off then.


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Well the lip you are referencing was there in the hero ROTJ but was later knocked off in later filming. I think it’s a cool look of the gaunt and should be there if your going to a hero version. Just a thought, by no means a sermon. Lol
I’m still in the group going with the flamethrower on the left. I believe the mandalorian have several things wrong , the whole costume is a wreak. I really hope they change in TBOBF
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I got into this crazy Fett-World back in November of 2019 and when I looked at the CRL that the 501st had published at that time it was this variant.....
501st Left Gauntlet.jpg me I thought those Gauntlets looked bad ass! Then sometime in February of 2021 the 501st revised it and came out with this.... (Also I like how they don't even show the nozzles in this CRL pic)
501st ROTJ Hero - Right Gauntlet.jpg

....I get that you DO in fact see that lip in ROTJ, I.......just don't care for it. Thankfully it is a "Level II Cert" thing. (....for now)

The flamethrower is on the left gauntlet. Period.
.....And apparently on the Right Gauntlet too - hahaha. Awww man, he could do akimbo flamies!