Finally...My Mostly completed Zam Costume pics from D\'C

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Just wanted show what Zam I Ain't has done so far for my costume and to see what others are up to. :D


This is of my armband laced, it has leather glued on the back side with slits in it and barge cemented to hold onto the greeb.

This is what I have so far all together, mostly finished stuff.

Shoe gaurds/spikes/bottle greeb are almost done painting, I need better colored pig suede for the hood/veil, shoes are being painted/mebbe sewn. Hose and connectors still need assembly. Chestplating, first stage cutting is done only. Got some contacts fer my eyeballs. Helmet, gauntlets, shins, cumberbund, bodysuit and vest are from some very sweet people, and...
Crap-GLOVES! Anyone anyone? bueller bueller?
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That's great Yvonne! Things are finally coming together. :D

What have you found for gloves so far? What size glove do you wear?
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I have these purple gloves and they are way too small. All sizes seem different on me. The tip of my third finger all the way down to the base of my hand is almost 7" if that makes any difference.
Edit**Actually, I talked to a friend of mine, and my hands are the same size as hers and she said that her glove size is a ladies large, or women's 7-8 glove.
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I'd be willing to give you the gray pair that I bought. They're a light gray even though they look white in the pics. My wife's hands are tiny so they're too big for her anyway. They're actually a medium but I have a feeling they'd fit. Let me know and I'll drop them in the mail to ya.
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Wow - Everything looks wonderful so far! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Will you be done in time for Dragon Con? I won't get to see it in person, but I can at least drool over the pics!

:zam Kim
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I've been sleeping on the job!... *hangs head in shame*

Wow Zam I Am!!! Looking good!!! I am so looking forward to seeing your finished costume at D*C!!! You've put so much work into it... and helped out so many of us here! And you answered a question I had about attaching the arm-greeb. Great idea!

Contacts?? Yikes.. hadn't thought of that. Zam's eyes are blue, aren't they? Please... let them be blue!
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Crap, i didn't think about color... See, I just went to the eyedoc's and they told me some bad news, so I didn't even think about color tinted ones. GRRR... Yeah, go figure, doc said I might have to get some procedure done cause I have cataracts. What' the devil dun lept into my eye? Darn varmit... I might just wear my trial pair, it seems I can't wear em for too long, or I start gettin really bad headaches. We'll see if I come as zam or a nerdy rick moranis zam...

Moncal gets hugs!!! Yeah, could ya drop em gloves in the mail to me? Man, that would be awesome!
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Oh... ZIA... :( Hope things work out - that it doesn't turn out too serious. A few years ago my mom had her lenses removed from here eyes because of cataracts and had some new ones put in... said she never saw better in her life and that the surgery was no big deal. Hoping for the best on your eyes!

The reason I hope Zam's eyes are blue is because I wear contacts now and because I'm durn near legally blind, they don't make colored lenses in the strengths I need - so I'm stuck with the eye color I have! Either that or I get the colored lenses and put glasses on so I don't run over everyone... *LOL!* Not canon though.. is it? ;)
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Eh umm... Is it OK for me to post amongst all you clawdites in here?? Well, fresh from the ESB trenches... Just had to stop in to say all your components look pretty damn amazing. Nice to see something a little different other than the projects I've been working on. Really sharp pieces there Zam, keep fighting the good fight… on this and those eyes of yours!!! ;)

Best Regards...
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Thanks for all yer support :D WPK- of course you can post here. I actually probably won't have to get lenses taken out and put in fer my eyeballs, that's a different type of cataract. I am relatively young, so, it's protein build up that needs to be (oh if you have a weak stomach dont read on....) that needs to be sucked out. Basically, everything is unclear when I attempt to see far even with glasses. Ironic aint it?
Anycow, working on my shoes, first sewing attempt failed. I am painting my uppers, and yes, i will have the cracklies, then I am sewing a leather strip on the front upper and a heel backing. Hopefully it works the second time with better thread.
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Ouch doc said I have to have surgery the kind where my lense gets replaced. But, I am gonna wait several months and get it done later, when they are more "ripe." Good thing I did most of my work before I was told about my cataracts. Apparently, I will either have to get bifocals afterwards or get some type of lense replacement where one eye sees far and one eye sees near. It's all wierd. Oh well, here's some shin/shoe progress shots thanks to Moncal: Everything will need more weathering when I get back from d'c. Don't have time to weather the stuff as of yet.

I cut my veil hood, but am not satisfied with the color. So, I am just throwing things together at this point. Will hopefully be on the finishing end of chestplating and all the front armour attachments this week. Burning the candle at both ends.
KimnCris- I can relate to your CII havoc. :D For some reason, I didn't shave enuff leather off or dremel it deep enuff for the shin snaps to stay on.So they all fell off. My brother saved the day, he had an industrial "snap" setter, so I had him finish my shin snaps. They look awesome. (I don't have a back shot on hand, but... you can imagine. Black gunmetal snaps.

Edit 8/19** LOL I just sewed snaps to my thrift store leotard!!! Yeah! I won't have to take an hour to take my costume off to go to the bathroom! I'll actually have time for a bathroom break :D Zam I Ain't is already makin fun of me-- no fair-- talkin about ovary bits kerplunkin in the can. :eek:
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Just wanted to say thanks to all those who helped me out with my costume, YES, it will be ready for Dragon Con. Lots of love and hard work came from people on this board. When my spirits were low, some really nice encouragement from everybody really moved me...
Sith C ~ the video of Leeanna
Maul Maus ~ responses on the "little things" that count
Blue Roommate ~ the cheerleader
Ragresen ~ the zam talks
Moncal ~ his music rocks and so does his shin help :D
KimnCris ~ configuration of molds and hansicles
Wookie ~ helping me stay alive and safe from fumes
Hothgirl ~ prayer warrior
Cutest Sandgirl ~ oohs and ahhs and hose connector help
Dallas ~ dangling the carrot (helm) in front of me to make it to d'c.
So many more of you helped me back on my horse not to mention make it so fun. Everyone's 2 cents will have made my suit look like a million bucks. Just two parts to fix and voila! Sha ~ zam! I won't be able to reveal the whole thing in it's entirety until d'c cause, I still have to meet up with Dallas on the helm. Thank you all for all your help. Just think~ all of you will have better costumes than me cause, I will have tons more info to unload when I get back, and you all will prolly tweak things even more than I have, not to mention, my seamstress will have to fix a lot of things I've noticed when I come back :D. I have worked my hardest ever in these last 3 weeks, staying up till 3 am everynight :lol: neglecting everything else in my life. This deadline will help everyone's costumes before holloween comes.
Thanks yall!
**edited to include more thank you's**
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Congrats on getting it done!I knew you could do it!
Have fun this weekend.And don't forget to post pics.Lots of pics!
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Everything looks awesome! I would like to make a Zam costume for my wife, but she's not interested. :(
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Finally...My Mostly completed Zam Costume pics from D'C

I like this pic from ashtep a lot, and there will be more hosted on my website.

There are some of the completed Zam pics in the General forum too.

~Just in case you all didn't remember to go looking through the pics in that forum.

I would like to say..if anyone can guess all of the zam parts that are missing in the pics, I'd give ya a prize, but I don't have any prizes left :( Sorry! But, it is a GREAT costume trivia question. :D

And yes, all of the critiques yall made on the pieces I made paid off, the judges loved it! And the costume won best AOTC female at Dragon Con :D
I should have posted all the thank you's on this thread, but if you didn't see em,
I couldn't have done it without you all.

Zam I Am wrote:

And yes, all of the critiques yall made on the pieces I made paid off, the judges loved it! And the costume won best AOTC female :D

With all the work you put into the costume, well deserved it was!!! :D :D A proud moment for all of us Zammers! :D

I've got pics of you that I still have to post! *Yikes!!!* I should get a couple up today for ya!
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All the pieces I do not know, but here is what I know for a fact was missing.

The end cuffs to the gauntlets
Parts of the hand guards on the gloves (think they fell off on you)
The hose at the back of the helmet

That is all I can recall for now, but I am sure there are other things. and no we are not counting the rifle.
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Zam I Am wrote:

..if anyone can guess all of the zam parts that are missing in the pics, I'd give ya a prize, but I don't have any prizes left
  1. helmet hose & tabs (i'm working on them)
  2. gaunt cuffs (ditto)
  4. <u>pig suede</u> veil and hood!!!
  5. A working Koro-2 (c'mon - YOU can do it)
  6. <u>thinner</u> leather skirt ;) (you KNOW i'm right :D)
  7. rifle
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Bah DCB you are forbidden to particapate much as I am sincew we both are more in the loop than others. :)
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