Fettastic FPH2 ESB Paintup for Noir Shadow TX-23701


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Small update. I added the white finger smudges and details on the killstripe side and added the white arch on the right upper ear cap. The smudges in particularly are kind of stressful since I actually smear white paint on the beautiful paint job.

A Fett 9-6 9 finish balanced.jpg A Fett 9-6 16 finish balanced.jpg


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Finally installed the servo and light kit from JC27. It includes the electric servo, wireless receiver and transmitter, LED's for the topper and perspex block, micro switch, and Alco Switches. Amazing kit but I would not recommend for the novice. The Servo is very, very sensitive and absolutely has to come to rest at both the up and down position with support or it will not function. The timing and position has to be perfect. The Servo is operated by the wireless transmitter and receiver. When the servo comes to rest in the down position it activates the micro switch, which then sends power to the topper LED's.



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Gorgeous work on the helmet..... I do love the white smudge, and do it the same way, with my thumb....


Just some updated photo's of the project.
All ear markings are in place, visor installed, range finder installed and fully functional.

To do list... Install mq-1 circuit, weather range finder stalk, final weathering, some small scratches and dull coat.

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Stellar paint job! Did you use acrylics? I've been thinking of going with Vallejo Air only as I had pretty good results with my fett armor.