Fettastic FPH2 ESB Paintup for Noir Shadow TX-23701


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Small update. The dome is primarily finished. Just need to add some base grey dings and scratches. Next I'll go to the cheeks before moving on to the mandibles.

Cropped IMG_0588.JPG Cropped IMG_0580.JPG Cropped IMG_0577.JPG Cropped IMG_0579.JPG Cropped IMG_0585.JPG Cropped IMG_0583.JPG


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Made some progress over the weekend. I primarily worked on the lower cheek areas and more dome detailing. I will move on to the upper cheek areas and the mandibles and hat band next.

Pictures Pictures Pictures...
ESB Fett Helmet Kyle.jpg ESB Fett Helmet Kyle 14.jpg ESB Fett Helmet Kyle 15.jpg
ESB Fett Helmet Kyle 7.jpg ESB Fett Helmet Kyle 6.jpg ESB Fett Helmet Kyle 8.jpg

Some close ups of the cheeks with the weathering.
ESB Fett Helmet Kyle 12.jpg ESB Fett Helmet Kyle 10.jpg

Added the light blue/gray base scratches to the major damage on the top of the dome along with some more dings and scratches.
ESB Fett Helmet Kyle 16.jpg

I added the carbon scoring streaks to the dent area. This is a very very subtle feature and it's important not to over do it. I still need to add the light blue/gray base scratches in the dent but I like to add these after the weathering as it appears to me from reference photos that these were added later in the process.
ESB Fett Helmet Kyle 17.jpg


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Loving the updates! The streaks around the dent really add depth.
It really does add another dimension of realism in my opinon. The first time I painted an ESB helmet I didn't even really notice it in the reference photo's so when I was done I could tell it was missing something. I caught my mistake way later and by that time I was already painting another one.


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Just another teaser as I make my way through the mandibles...(clean left side mandible yet to be weathered and finished)
IMG_0678 Spliced cropped.JPG

And now this photo is one of the most natural and what I think to be one of the most accurate depictions of the true colors in photo form of the original ESB Hero helmet. (obviously just discussing the face colors, Green, Gray, Base Gray, Red, Dark Red, Black and Silver colors for this example)
Original Natural Lighting.png

And just for comparisons sake...
Original ----- Replica


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Quick update...

Fett Face 3.jpg

The Mandibles are probably the section that takes me the longest. As we're all aware there are so many minuscule scratches that make you go cross eyed. I'll recap a little bit into the process side of how I tackle this.

On this helmet I am doing all the damage layers topically. I Use stencil's to mark out the general region of the damage and then use close up reference photo's to more accurately shape the damaged regions. This part is very very time consuming going back and forth from my computer screen to the helmet. Then I paint all the major silver damage, then the gray, then the dark purple meanwhile going back and forth between reference photo's. Then I'll go back to the silver to do the minor silver damage on top and sharpen out the silver damage previously topically painted.

Fett Face 10 Right Mandible.jpg Fett Face 11 Left Mandible.jpg Fett Face 6 Right Mandible.jpg Fett Face 9 Right Mandible.jpg


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Thank you Denter's for the compliments.

Small update of some damage I was debating whether to add or not as an ESB helmet. It's regarding the "scuff" on the Left Mandible near the T of the T-visor about 1 third the way in towards the left ear. I posted in one of the sticky's (ESB Screen vs. AOSW helmet differences) as for the research I'd done and my decision. I'll include the photo's here as well.

IMG_0761.JPG IMG_0762.JPG

IMG_0764.JPG IMG_0763.JPG


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Getting close to finishing the paint on this one. Still need to apply the white thumbprint, and the white smears on the killstripes, grease stains, the spatter, grime, and some other small details. I tried applying the dry transfers for the ear details that I had but apparently they dry up and won't work after some time. Anyways enjoy!

Boba Fett ESB 17.JPG

Boba Fett ESB 1.JPG Boba Fett ESB 4.JPG Boba Fett ESB 7.JPG Boba Fett ESB 6.JPG Boba Fett ESB 8.JPG
Boba Fett ESB 9.JPG Boba Fett ESB 13.JPG Boba Fett ESB 18.JPG Boba Fett ESB 19.JPG Boba Fett ESB 10.JPG