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    do you still have the girth belt for sale?
    Greetings Major! Darth Voorhees kindly referred me to you. I am wondering if you continue to produce the Boba Fett ESB flame thrower attachment with clear tip? If so, will you please message me with purchase details? Thank you for your time sir! Respectfully, Juan.
    Looking to order back armor if you’ll be doing any of RKD’s molds. I ordered my neck armor from him a couple years ago and want to support the family in any way I can. I ordered gauntlet darts from Will last year before he passed and I had no idea at the time what he was going through. He was always nice to me and supported me when I was a rookie to this hobby.
    I want to get your ESB gauntlets, but I need to know if it'll fit. My forearm is 14" near the elbow and 9" at the wrist.
    Just shoot me a pm with measurements and boot size when you find out for me.
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VillainWorks Limited: Fett Gloves/Paint Commissions



VillainWorks: Fett Gloves/ESB Capes/Painting Commissions