ESB Gaunt Help please ...


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I've picked up (from ebay) an ESB Gauntlet kit (In fibreglass and ABS) but I'm a tad confused over a couple of things when it comes to putting them together...

1> Flamethrower - should the nozzle (longest part ofthe thrower) be uppermost or lowermost - I've seen both, but can't find any decent ESB pics to see for myself)

2. Hoses - I know there's a hose from the right gaunt (that dissapears under the upper sleeve, but is there a hose on the left gaunt?

Can anyone post up some useful reference pics pls?
Many thanks.
1) Assuming you bought one of the 'standard' design flamethrowers out there, the long bit should be at the bottom. Attached some photos.
2) Nothing come out of the left gauntlet, just the right, right? Not left, right? Right. Again, attached a photo.




Great thanks for that. :)
Looks like I have to make the mounting braket that sits underneath it - that didn't come with the kit :(
Still can't be too tough.
Thanks for the pics - much obliged.
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