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Very interesting, Shoulder studs and Jp stuff maybe?
Dont think the studs were machined anything. Pretty sure theyre a found item we have yet to track down. They appear to be hollow underneath even.
Some more updates from John:

I call this photo "I've seen the light"

View attachment 192182

Some of the prototype RF Stalks have been drilled from top to bottom making them a hollow stalk for the wiring to pass through. The side slot for the wires will likely have the slot extended to the base like the original pieces.

View attachment 192172

The original RF Stalk has a hole from the bottom and a hole from the top, which makes it easier to drill the channel - we may utilize that method in the future... but John was able to get a hole drilled from the top without having to also drill from the bottom because they are bosses over there in the UK. Pretty amazing feat.

View attachment 192173

John had suggested studs and nuts for the RF stalk like I have seen some people utilize on their builds, but he decided to try out this alternative method. In the pot of old hardware at Elstree, John stumbled on these lovely knurled (socket head) BA bolts of exactly the correct size & length.

He says that he is happy to use these. What do you guys think? Would you prefer to use these or have a threaded bolt piece coming from inside the top of the RF Stalk with nuts being secured from inside the RF Topper?

View attachment 192179

Oh and he also couldn't resist creating a custom tool to reach these hidden bolts... If you have ever tried to install screw from inside the RF Topper housing down into the stalk, then YOU KNOW how much of a help this is...

"I can include one with every kit. Took me a matter of seconds to fit." - John

View attachment 192180

View attachment 192181

The texture you see on the RF Topper is John experimenting with trying to reproduce the transition edge seen in some photos.

Let us know what you think! More to follow.


Steven and John
Not many things test my patience.... but attaching the RF topper always does.


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From what I see we have 2 types of threaded holes in the top section of the RF stalk: the 1st type have the threaded hole through the whole stalk top, while the 2nd type has a threaded hole at a given depth.

1st type - Pre-Pro #3 and ROTJ (with clear images):

2nd type - ESB and Pre-Pro #2 (note that the center screw was added later):
PP 2 Helmet 11.jpg
pre-pro-2-boba-fett-arm-twist RF.png

Not sure which type - Supertrooper/Pre-Pro #1 and Promo #2 (Sandy):


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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to provide an update regarding this ears run.

As mentioned from the start, there is no guarantee that Elstree Precision will be doing more than a limited run of 10-15 sets of ears. As mentioned by Andy intwenothor after his visit to Elstree - these ears are being machined mostly by hand on original equipment and are very time consuming to make (and likely not profitable).

We are still in the prototyping phase of what still may only be a very limited run of Elstree Precision metal ears (with sales going to those that have directly collaborated on the project and then the running interest list of members on The Dented Helmet) before being offered to anyone else externally.

John and I have emailed Rob at RS Props regarding the public mention of the ears project on their launch video and website advertisement and asked them to remove the mention for the time being - since nothing is guaranteed beyond this initial run for TDH as agreed to by John at Elstree. However, we do appreciate their sentiment and support.

More to come. At work and busy.



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Hoping there’s room for me for a set of these ears (please make 16 sets just in case ).
So far, there has been interest noted beyond 35 sets plus interest generated by RS Props since yesterday. I would imagine that if John made 50 of these they would be sold out within a week of them hitting the market based on the number of inquires I've been getting.


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Make 75 sets, and raise the price so Elstree doesn't lose money on this project. At least make it a "break even" option. I'm pretty sure I'd buy two sets. One for a raw cast, and another for a finished helmet.
I totally agree. I would personally pay up to $1k for the Elstree ears if I had to and I would buy multiple sets like you mentioned. Although, I don't know that it is just a matter of cost and time for Elstree. They are a professional precision machining company with many other projects. It might be more of an issue with opportunity cost for prioritizing making ears over doing their regular work.


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Not everyone here is willing to pay 1k for some ears. For that price you can have a full MC combo of ears and helmet. Not a single maker, even Elstree, would make me pay that price.
Totally understand and nor would I ask or expect them to. I'm not saying that's what these would or should cost. I am saying that that is what I would personally pay *if* I had to *specifically* for "hand made" Elstree ears with vintage components and a signed CoA.


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boba87fett Could I be added to the list, or are you full up?
I will absolutely add you to the list man! I have no guarantees of how many will be made. For now it is the 10-15 that John has committed to. But, look how many unexpected things have happened this year for Fett fans... so who knows honestly.

The collaborators on the project will get preference to what is available first and then TDH Members in order of request to be on the list. Then, if there are more ears than orders it will be opened up externally.

- Steven
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Also, I see what RafalFett was pointing out and will ask John if he has any interest in making a screen accurate ROTJ stalk with the visible RF Topper to RF Stalk mounting screws as seen from below the RF Topper.