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Art Andrews

Community Founder
Community Staff
No one likes ads, not even me. We use ads to provide for the financial needs of our communities which allows them to remain free for your use.

We also own/run The Replica Prop Forum, a site much larger than TDH, which also uses ads. At that site, we implemented a Premium Membership system that offers numerous benefits to those who sign up, including the removal of ads.

We are never going to implement a payment system here at TDH because 1) it is too small to support one and 2) for those who already support us at the RPF, it would feel like double-dipping.

There are surely members here that would like to participate at this site without ads. Here is the best we can do for you:

If you maintain a YEARLY (not monthly) Premium Membership subscription at the RPF, we will turn off ads for you here at TDH.

There is no way to automate this process. We have to do it manually, per member, which means the burden is on YOU to let us know you have an RPF Premium membership and remind us of it once a year.

I know that is an imperfect solution, and even this is going to be a pain for our admin team to keep up with, but it is the best I can do to give you an opportunity to have the ads removed here at TDH.

If you don't have an RPF account, I would encourage you to sign up here:



If you already have an RPF account, but don't have a Premium Membership, you can upgrade here:

Once you have an established Premium Membership at the RPF, please post in this thread and we will update your account here so you do not see ads. As this is a manual process, please be patient with us if that update is not instant.
Art Andrews I upgraded to the annual membership over at The RPF. My username there is rnbuda which I should ask to get changed to match my username here.

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