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This week was a magnificent week for me... at least for things connected to Boba Fett. Saturday, 5th of July, while I was searching a manual for a Texas Instruments PS-6200 Organizer, I remembered that the Casio MQ-1 had also a manual online, so I did a quick search for the manual and an address caught my eye: it was an eBay like site in Romania where you can buy mostly used products. One of the sellers had listed a Casio MQ-1 calculator in perfect shape, only the box had a bit of tear and wear. The price of the calculator was around 12 USD (including the postage) and I had to grab it, which I did:

Jump here for more images ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts.

The next day I thought why not to test my luck and do some search for other parts too. The next found part was an Eveready minilight without package and with a bit of wear; the price for this was also around 12 USD (including the postage), so it was a no brainer that I bought it:

Jump here for more images ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts.

The last piece I found (so far) is the grip of the Kaiser camera (without the shoulder stock and the receiver) listed at 25 USD (including the postage) and got my hand on that too:

Jump here for more images ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts.

Then a few days of waiting... Wednesday got the messages from the postal office and Thursday I was in the possession of all these beautiful parts.

My found parts list until now consisted in a Panorama hand telescope that I bought a few years ago on Etsy for 18 USD and the 1SX1-T microswitch (jump here for more images ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts), which I got last week from Steven (boba87fett) - Thanks again! Now I have these found parts:

The replica list is populated by a Perspex block and the Polaroid viewfinder beautifully made by Garrett (Terminal Fettler), a nice helmet cast I got from Artakha - Erikson Props and finally an ESB sidearm (jump here for more images ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts) which I got this Thursday from Fettology - Thanks!

Update 22.07.2020
Just got my awesome borden connector from boba87fett made by Elstree Precision LTD (jump here for more images ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts). Thanks again for this piece of history, Steven!


Update 10.08.2020
I was lucky to find on a site from Germany the rest of the Kaiser shoulder stock for 61 USD (more images here ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts):

Now I got this beauty:

And this:

I also ordered these from another site from Germany for a total of 46 USD (more images here ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts):

Update 29.08.2020
Here's my newest acquisition for 40 USD (more images here ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts):

While it is not in great condition and the shutter is defect, we all know which part interests us:

Update 01.09.2020
Managed to acquire a rOtring sec-o-mat pen holder from Australia, but sadly this is not the correct variant (still it is a great find for me). More images here ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts.


Update 24.04.2021
Major update to this thread! I managed o acquire an RS ESB raw cast helmet which took almost 5 months to arrive to me (ordered at the end of September 2020 and it arrived in mid February this year), but I'm very pleased by the quality of the product and all the greatness it represents:

The only downside was the poor communication and almost no update to my order. On my account at RS Prop Masters it still says Your order is currently being processed.

More images here ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts

I also acquired from eBay the correct version of the rOtring sec-o-mat pen holder, more exactly an almost intact set:

More images here ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts

Update 11.07.2021
I managed to score an original Letraset dry transfer sheet with the correct 28pt (7,6mm) Folio Bold Condensed font. The only downsize is that for the sake of safe shipping, the seller had to cut the sheet in two to reduce the size of the envelope (visible between the upper and lower case letters):

(Note that the blue background is due to the backing paper on the back to protect the letters to rub themselves on any unwanted surface).

More images here ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts.

Update 22.06.2022
A while ago I bought some recent made boards from eBay (Veroboard variant) with the incorrect face color and cut it to the correct dimension (link to my template, but the whole thread worth at least a read ==> More Than Anyone Ever Wanted to Know About the ESB Helmet Interior Electronics), but today I cut and printed on a cutter/printer my replica face with the correct(ish) color and writing (the holes were punched out with a toothpick):
Veroboard Replica.jpg

Veroboard Replica Improved.jpg

More images here ==> RafalFett's Found and Replica Parts

In the next posts I will share more images and measurements of the pieces I have.

Have fun!
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Truly awesome find , these pieces are becoming rarer and rarer as the years tick by , the non fettheads don't know the value of some of these pieces and don't list them for sale and would just class them as valueless junk destined for the bin.
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Some images of the incorrect version of the rOtring sec-o-mat pen holder (the end of the 1st post was updated):
20200901_175930.jpg 20200901_175935.jpg 20200901_175942.jpg 20200901_180004.jpg 20200901_180012.jpg 20200901_180017.jpg 20200901_180023.jpg 20200901_180028.jpg 20200901_180034.jpg 20200901_180040.jpg 20200901_180048.jpg 20200901_180327.jpg 20200901_180333.jpg 20200901_180338.jpg 20200901_180347.jpg 20200901_180354.jpg 20200901_180358.jpg 20200901_180402.jpg 20200901_180407.jpg 20200901_180416.jpg 20200901_180419.jpg 20200901_180426.jpg 20200901_180430.jpg 20200901_180449.jpg 20200901_180730.jpg 20200901_180736.jpg 20200901_180741.jpg 20200901_180745.jpg 20200901_180809.jpg 20200901_180818.jpg

And some measurements:
20200901_180114.jpg 20200901_180132.jpg 20200901_180139.jpg 20200901_180147.jpg 20200901_180156.jpg 20200901_180205.jpg 20200901_180227.jpg 20200901_180527.jpg 20200901_180535.jpg 20200901_180542.jpg 20200901_180607.jpg 20200901_180617.jpg 20200901_180635.jpg 20200901_180641.jpg 20200901_180647.jpg 20200901_180657.jpg

And the comparison with the original:
20200901_175930 - Copy.jpg 20200901_175942 - Copy.jpg
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