Customizing a Rubies Jango Helmet


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I am going the cheeper route my first time around so I am working on a cheep Rubies helmet. I cut out the keyslots and the visor so far.

I will update with my progress in case anyone wants to go the budget route in the future. Any assistance or advise is appreciated. I have already removed the rangefinder with a blow dryer and an exacto knife. My next step will be to spray it down with Rustoleum Plastic Primer and spray it silver.
Hi bobafett669. I'm also going the cheaper route too. How did you cut your keyholes and visor out? Thanks. Also, what t-visor are you going to replace on the Rubies helmet? Thanks again.

Please keep me informed. :D
I cut them out with a very tiny exacto type knife I found at a craft store. A regular exacto knife blade was to flexable and hard to work with without cutting yourself. I cut the visor with that knife and one of the exacto knives that have sections of the blade you can breakoff to get to a new blade. I can post a pic of what I used next round. Not sure which visor to use yet. Some Tell me to get one from RA but they are $25.00.

I also used the sander on my dremel to file off the Rubies lettering on the back.

For the visor, look up "welding supply" in the yellow pages. Call em up and ask if they have the green welding visors (they should), that's the route I went with my Jango and Brandy's Fett Girl. There is also a guy on ebay who sells the hard plexiglass ones for like $10. Just do a search on fett visor.

hey i bought a welding visor shade #5 i think....i belive you "should" get a #3...not sure...anyway it cost me 7 bucks! local welding/firematics store
Looks great. One suggestion I would have is to stear clear of the "metallic" paints. Maybe yours worked out, but I tried about 3 different types with pretty bad results. If you do use it, don't touch it for quite some time. I am still a dull alum/rub n buff type.
I second what Shockwave said, the Metallic silver paints IMO look too fake, the aluminum paints look more realistic and less " shiney ".
OK here's where I am at now:

Looks pretty good for a Rubies hemet I think. I have some cleaning up to do where the tape marks did not exactly give me a rounded cheek. I have also installed Wire MEsh over the keyholes on back. I am now looking for a visor and already have the Ruff and Buff. I tested it on some silver sintra first to see if I liked it. I put it on with my fingers and started rubbing it off with tissues. This stuff is kind of like shoe polish. How do I keep the RNB from getting on the Blue sections once I start to do the helmet?
With "squint area", I mean the upper part of the visor. Looks definitely broader than normal, but maybe it's just me.
I have not installed a visor yet so the mask "flexes" when on the stand. I need to get a visor and then it might look a little better.
Cool i am using the same idea too i am still waiting thou i didn't get the helmet yet but i'm going to do sort of what u did once it is done i'll make it Green and the cheeks of the helmet will be black. I will have a thread up soon after about my helmet idea and help could be used.
lookin good bobafett, lookin good. i cant get my lettering to go away though!its a dp 96 and its filled and sanded smooth, you cant feel the lettering but with R n B it shows up some how, i dont know what to do :p !
Ok, This is where i am at now. I have repainted the cheek areas as I missed the second coat. I taped off each silver area and applied 2 coats of RNB and It looks very good. The photos really don't do it justice. I would like to start weathering and I have the acrylic paint but I am not sure how much to water it down. i bought a natural sponge at Michael's I am going to try. How does everyone apply the black paint for weathering?


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