Boba fett metal scratch build

dal torio

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Hello everyone my brother and I decided we were going to make mandalorian costumes. He decided o a custom one and I decided to attempt the daunting task of Boba Fett!

I found some thin sheets of steel in my motorpool (army parking lot) and used the templates from mandalorian mercs. I just traced them out and cut them with an able grinder. I’m not a machinist and don’t have the money to invest a whole lot on specialized tools so please be gentle. But these are some photos of my current progress.

I looked up how to make my own vest as well and found a helpful tutorial at How To Make A Mandalorian Vest - THE MANDO WAY and bought some cotton born fabric at Walmart for $4. I don’t know to sew yet but got the base template done and cut out.

I then used a dappingblock and ballpin hammer to apply the dents. It’s not movie quality but for a first time.

Ive been reading a lot of different threads to try and learn!



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