1. dal torio

    Boba fett metal scratch build

    Hello everyone my brother and I decided we were going to make mandalorian costumes. He decided o a custom one and I decided to attempt the daunting task of Boba Fett! I found some thin sheets of steel in my motorpool (army parking lot) and used the templates from mandalorian mercs. I just...
  2. Russiya

    My full steel build

    Hey folks just wanted to share with you my updated all steel Beskar build this kit is extremely heavy but I feel as though it is very close to accurate.
  3. Icetalon

    Steel Boba Fett Helmet (Picture Heavy)

    I've been a Boba Fett fan since I was a small child. Back a while ago I saw Gold Point Props video about making a Boba Fett helmet, but never thought I would have the skills to make it out of metal. Five years later, as an Engineering Student, I re-watched the video and realized I knew how to...
  4. DP54

    Question: Full Metal Armor

    I’m trying to find someone or somewhere to CNC mill me an entire set of boba armor, any recommendations or price quotes?