1. Russiya

    My full steel build

    Hey folks just wanted to share with you my updated all steel Beskar build this kit is extremely heavy but I feel as though it is very close to accurate.
  2. MachineCraft

    MachineCraft Gauntlet Rocket

    MachineCraft Hollow Gauntlet Rocket - Three-piece design (Aluminum Body, Brass Cone, and Aluminum Tip) - Hollow construction provides 30% weight reduction over previous MachineCraft rockets. - Three 4-40" Threaded holes on bottom side for easy and secure attachment to gauntlets - Made in the USA...
  3. MachineCraft

    MachineCraft Knee Darts

    MachineCraft Aluminum Knee Darts - Includes 3 Large Dart Launchers - Includes 1 Small Dart Launcher accurate to the dimensions of the Michell found part - 1/4" Threaded holes on back side for easy installation/removal - CNC Machined from T6061 Aluminum - Made in the USA NOTE: If purchasing...
  4. DP54

    Question: Full Metal Armor

    I’m trying to find someone or somewhere to CNC mill me an entire set of boba armor, any recommendations or price quotes?