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Jedi Bob

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OK, I have chopped off my DP 95 RF and I have an aluminum stalk. What is the best way to attach the two that will be strong enough to handle the weight of Bobo's RF lights?
I've used epoxy. Once it dries, it's on there good! Use that blue masking tape to hold the two pieces together after you apply the epoxy. Then let it sit for a few days and don't touch it. It works great! :D

John Barrows, Jr.
Does someone have a servo installed?, I wanna do that and i dont know much where to start, mainly because i dont know if the weight of the stalk is gonna allow some movement...I have a aluminum stalk and a clear RF top...
I have noticed that the Screen Acurate would be screwed on from what I see on the Boba Reference CD. It looks like they were screwed in and then Bondoed.



It also appears that the little box had fallen out of the bottom of this RF. It is either the AOSW or the MOM helmet.
I used small hinge screws predrilled the holes and superglued the pieces together then used 6 screws on the RF side 2 on the other side.

I have not put lights in it yet though, I doubt i will.
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