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  • Good day dear friend and help.
    I am trying to buy a blue flight suit for my wife and I was refer to you.
    What will you need from me and how much?
    Thank Dan
    What isbthe cost and turn around for a esb fett suit and pouches shipped to San Bernardino ? Thanks

    I am interested in a ROTJ Flight suit / neck seal / flak vest / ankle spats and belt pockets. I am in Australia and was wondering if you could please send me some information if possible. Thank you
    Hey Carole!
    I hear your the one to talk to about a suit? I’m looking for a suit, neck seal and vest.... for Boba Fett special edition. It’s the light grey. I can email you pictures etc. I don’t have Facebook or Instagram. Email work? Thanks ahead of time.
    Hey Arkady ,I’m quite new to this forum and I’ve regularly been told you the go to for flight suits :) I’m recently just started a jango build and I was wondering if you were taking orders and how your process works. What would you require from my end to order an accurate jango flight suit, cost and payment methods etc . Would love to hear from you . :)

    Hello arkady, a few years ago I bought a esb blue fett jumpsuit, just wondering do you make spats? Thank you for your time
    Hello Arkady. I was told you are the go to person for flight suits and flak vest. This true?!
    Im very interested in a Boba ESB fligtsuit. Are you still doing a run or something?
    High Regards
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