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I am curious how everyone is mounting there metal armor.I used the snap ring method with my styrene armor.But what I noticed was,every time I took A step I can hear the rings clinging.It is very faint.But I can still hear it.Also every time I stretch or bend over,pieces of the armor come unsnapped.Trying to keep up with my 7 year old son,Is hard enough already.Without having to stop to attach the armor every ten minutes.I am going with A R.A. vest.I was thinking of gluing,with some kind of adhesive.Where the chest armor and shoulders will be there permanently.The back piece
I was just going to let float.I was going to use velcro for the collar since it is the last piece to go on.DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE BETTER SUGGESTIONS?I welcome all your help.
Thank you Shawn
I have snaps and velcro and it seems to work. I have not gone trooping yet, so no real test yet.
Snaps work fine on my metal pieces. One thing to be careful of is spacing the chest pieces. Due to the weight of the metal, the chest pieces will tend to sag the front of the vest, so much even that the ab plate and chest pieces will rub together if they are too close together. Don't rely on laying your vest flat and doing your armor placement. Put it on, they apply the collar, then diamond, then chest pieces, then the ab plate. Trust me on this one. Been there, done that. ;)
The last vest I just riveted thru the vest,Should I do this again. Female part riveted to vest.
Male part glued to armor? This is the old way I did it. Any thoughts on A better way?
I used gromets in the vest and short screw posts for the armor. Female attached to armor and male goes through gromet from back of vest. field tested and successful.

Hand-Schaub wrote:

I used gromets in the vest and short screw posts for the armor. Female attached to armor and male goes through gromet from back of vest. field tested and successful.

That is the same thing I did and I have not had any problems. I would also put just a little velcro on as well. That way if a snap breaks you have some sort of backup.
I have the female part of the snaps on my armor and the male part on my vest. I don't think it makes much of a difference either way.
get a couple sheets of magnet and cut two sets of armor out stick one pair on the back of you armour and the other pair on your shirt by sewing. stick them on.
just an idea i had one night. don't say anything bad about it.
mineis now bolted directly onto my vest... bolts are counter sunk into the plates, and covered with bodo and than primed and painted over
My Metal armor is secured on with snaps & velcro (I got that Jango look where the armor never comes off the vest).

The chest armor stays on the vest at all times, plus it's alot easier to get the vest on.
Hi all, I'm new here and I'm trying to complete my metal armor set. (Well, the "upper" armor for now...)

I'm missing the backplate and the collar armor - anyone still making these?

I JB welded short screws to the back of the plates and then used washers and nuts inside the vest with lock-tite. No probs yet. I think most of us have the same metal armor... so i used the above method and put:

4 mounts on each chest
the center diamond is velcro'd
3 on the collar
3 on the abdomen plate
and 3 on each shoulder

Just an idea. When I mount my ribbons to my Navy uniform I use a piece of cardboard behind my shirt to keep them from sagging.

Maybe a piece of cardboard, sintra, or plastic under the vest could support the metal.
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