Anyone here do physical battle damage to Sintra armor?

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I have made a lot of armor but I never bother with making the dents and scrapes. Now that I'm upgrading my personal armor, I want to make the physical damage but don't want to weaken the armor.

I have read that dremmeling the damage in can weaken the plastic so I just want to make some indentations. I was thinking of either heating the area with a heat gun and then pressing a metal rod, screwdriver or something similar in to make the dent or actually heating a metal rod or screwdriver tip and then making the dents with the hot metal. Anyinsights?
Check out my armor I made all the dents with dremel. I don´t think it has weakend my armor. My armor is 6 mm thick, and unless I would make a deep line accross the armor I don´t thnik it weakens the armor by making few dents with a dremel.
Ok, what we did is we got our heatgun and applied the heat to the BACK of the armor. The reason you want to put the heat on the back is because when we did it, the heatgun made the sintra all textured. :confused

We basically found anything and everything that looked about like what we wanted the dent to look like and we pressed the object into the sintra until we got the desired look. Be sure the object you are pressing in has some sort of grip or something you can hold onto so that the metal object you are pressing in doesn't burn you. Also, don't press too hard or the object could possibly burn through the sintra. :angry

This link has some other peoples uses and other tips.
If you would like pics of our stuff and how we did it just let us know.

Hope this helps. :)
JK - The armor that I have was "physically" damaged. Looks as though it was heated from the back and had sharp pointy objects pressed into it. I took a small file and scratched even more lines into some of the dents. It actually worked pretty good.
I put dents in my sintra armor with the back of the thermomitor i used to keep an eye on the water temp.
<img src=>
I damaged mine with a dremel. I used the thicker Sintra sort of by accident because the store I bought it from only carried the one size. I had the sanding thingy on my dremel (the round sanding tube that sits snug over the rubber fitting) to bevel the edges of the armour and it slipped and made a most perfect dent with "tails" that were less indented. I like it so I did some more. When I painted I painted the green first, then the silver middles and yellow around the edges....but because of the actual dents you really can't tell that the green is actually the first colour. I was certainly pleased with the results.
Well, I did the damage on my new armor last night and really liked the results.

I basically just used my heat gun to heat the back of the sintra then flipped it over and did the dents with the bottom of a wooden spoon and the scrapes with a butter knife.

I tried heating a steel piece to make the damage but it wasn't working nearly as well as heating the sintra itself.

Thanks to everybody for their insights.
I used a ciggarette lighter on my styrene armor. I just heated up the armor from underneath and pushed it down from the top with a blunt object and voila!! A dent;)

micke wrote:

I used a cigarette lighter on my styrene armor. I just heated up the armor from underneath and pushed it down from the top with a blunt object and voila!! A dent;)

That's exatly what I did on my knees...I haven't tried the cod piece yet. Since it is 2 ply, I thought I might melt it too bad with the flame.
On the three little dents on Boba's lower (stomach) chest armor, I used a bic pen. Just do it when you pull it out of the boiling water. Not too bad.

BTW - Sintra's easier to cut after it's boiled.
Does it matter when you put the damage on ie before or after you form it up? Upgrading from my old sheet metal armor to sintra (material for all chest pieces cost me £5:00 /$9:00(?):D )
To make the dents in mine, I heated up the BACK of the armor in the correct spot with a lighter and then pressed a small rock into the front until I liked how it looked. I don't have a digital camera ( I am pathetic) so I can't post pics but it came out perfect.
I made my armour ( I've only made the cod piece so far )look damaged by shoot it a lot with a little soft air gun :D

It looks sort of alright but I might have to remake it

Here is another nifty trick.

For Vacced armor or sintra this should work.

On the back of the armor, locate where you want the dent. Then apply Hot glue to the area. Keep swirling it around with the tip of the glue gun to keep the glue melted.

Then from the front use an appropriately sized blunt object and push in to make the dent. Then run cold water over it, or have a wet cloth handy to cool it down. The heated plastic will tend to spring back. Cooling it off helps hold its shape.

Then when the hot glue is dry, you should just be able to pop it off.

I use to dremel my holes out, but just started using this technique. Works much better, in my opinion. When dremeling, the plastic tends to melt and also you have to finish up with sanding.

Anyway, this is a similar method to some of the others, but I think a bit easier to localize the heating.


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