Another interested in Zam

Hi all :D

I'm currently spending a fortune on my ESB Fett and was planning to sort out a costume for the missus.

I decided to start sourcing parts for Boushh but then a member of our club unveiled their excellent Boushh costume!

So, I've been looking around for a another really nice costume for her and what better than Zam Wesell?

Anyway, I have absolutely no idea of what to get or where to get it so I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction and offer me some assistance while I venture into creating this costume.


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You've definitely come to the right place! There is a TON of knowledge here. Spend some time going through all of the sticky topics in this forum. Lots of people have been kind enough to walk through their process - mistakes and all - so the rest of us can learn!


Welcome to the world of Zam! I am just starting out myself. But I really recommend going through the old threads as well. There is tons of valuable information out there.

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Hey Paul.

I'm from the UK mate and am helpng Becky to do her's. 95% done!!!
Give us a tinkle if you need any advice.

Sadly, apart from my hand plates and Ian Sutton's rifle greeblies, there's nowt here in the UK for you. It's all US based and I've paid a fortune in customs so far! About £500+ to Her Magesty and then about £3000 on stuff. More with tools probably?

It's probably the most complex, involved and costly costumes out there. (not may do her so the cost goes up)
You'll need to learn to sew, airbrush, work with leather, work with neoprene, work with your partners mood swings ;) may have to cast stuff and may have to machine stuff bla bla bla.

Good choice. LOL ;)

Best costume out there by miles though if you fancy a chalenge.
07968 068620 if you fancy a chat.

Hi John; thanks for the offer of advice matey!

I've been following your progress for a while so it's your fault I'm going to undertake this mammoth task :D

Challenge sounds good to me; I'm not looking for a quick fix here and I'm not afraid of hard work and that - I have access to a lot of tools and a big vac former so that should hopefully help at some point - the wife's good at sewing too!

It's like anything - the majority of hard to find items are from the states; there's a severe lack of decent prop makers in the UK that are doing the more exotic costumes.

You'll no doubt regret giving me your number in a few weeks/months now LOL
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Welcome to the Zam Forum's and say goodbye to your hard earned pounds/dollars/euros! :lol:

Yep... go through these threads and learn from our mistakes! And feel free to ask questions... make comments... post pics of your progress! (Blame John publicly for all your Zam related problems... go right ahead! ;) )

Good luck and welcome aboard! :D

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Lol, sorry Paul.

That sounds cool then. There isn't much that is vac formed dude, so if it's Mr Rick S you refer to, he'll be of little help. You can make some bits I guess, but very few.

I've packaged your hand plates but there is still time to turn and run asI'm off to bed now and will post tomorrow.
Feel free to ring whenever as I'm currently having a break from work :)


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have fun...i would say the hardest part of this costume is dying the various types of leather and trying to get the right colors to match with what your doing...that my friend has been the major nightmare for me, remember, the consensus here i think is not what shade you have, but that it all goes well as an ensemble and is in the purple zam family...LOL:lol:lol::lol:
Bah! I've been so let down on the sale of some items after the buyer lost his job which means that my Zam project's on hold for the time being :(

Once my ESB Fett is out of the way abnd I've got rid of some more stuff I'll be able to make a start on Zam for the wife ;)

Having said that I'm selling lots of stuff at the moment so bits of Zam will be on the cards, it's the suit and leather work etc that I won;t be picking up just yet.

It will happen some day...


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Sorry about that too. :( But keep the dream going and someday you'll be able to make that Zam! We're still here... so don't be a stranger! :D