Zam gloves, would these work?


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Hey there Zammers and TDH peeps!

Found some gloves on the web, was wondering if these would work:

Found a lot of light tan work gloves, especially for women, at and duluth Trading Co websites. But this glove is only $11 a pair, white goatskin, and pretty close to the stitching. Gauntlet is a little short. Item #8250, Kinco Goatskin Work Gloves (in men sizes).

What do you think?

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Those aren't too bad looking... If you can dye/paint them the right color they would look pretty dang close! My only concern would be how short they are... but I think ZIA's gloves were about that long, and I don't remember her having any problems with them coming out of the gauntlets.

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Great find! I could be wrong, but I don't remember double stitching around the base of the thumb, like in your pic. Double check too, it should be a smooth leather, not swedelike and not too porous. Can't tell in the linked pic above. Yeah, mine were on the short side by the wrist, and they did come out at times, but not enough to warrant having to re-attach a three inch collar on the wrist, quick n easy, (no haggling on accuracy due to it not being seen issue.) Other than that, it's one of the better finds!
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