Where has all the Helmet paint gone


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I have gone to all most every hobby store in town and Joplin and not a single one has even one color on the rouge studios list.

am I going to have to order this stuff off the internet?

thanks for any help on this
My store near me (the only in town that even sells floquil) can never get any of the colors I need in stock. Its like teasing me they have a spot for the colors but never get them in. Or if they are getting them in they sell out before I get there.
go straight to the Testors site and you will have an unmatched supply :D The colors come to your door in a small amount of time.
But only if your in the Contential United States, otherwise you'll have to find someone else!

Not that I'm bitter or anything!
I was wondering if you dont have a airbrush gun and use spray paints, what paints do you use? for explain is Testors Panzer Green, Olive green in Spray paints?
Hey Soilman, send me the paint names that you need and I'll check here in St. Louis for ya!

Eagleskull there is a thread on these boards for what colors to use in spray paint form. Use the search tool. Just so you know you can also brush these colors on. I have brushed every color I have painted with good results.
I found a Train hobby store today and I found all most all of the colors. Just missing the most important colors though.
These colors seemed to be Floquil Train paints.

* Panzer Olive Green (Cheeks and dome) F505113
* Euro Dark green 'Unsure' back of helmet. 4729 (Model Master)
* Panzer dark yellow (Rangefinder ear) if you do not have aluminum ears you will need to mix a silver with this to tone it down. F505111
* RLM Green (Left ear) 'unsure' F505056

I found a slot for the Panzer olive green, but it was empty.

And man was this stuff expensive.
$3.99 a bottle.

I should have a lot left over. If I do I could let some one have it for a good deal.

But if anyone has a hit on these few colors let me know.

I have one more Hobby store to hit tomorrow.
I found the other paints at a Hobby store last night. They were worded in German. Like Panzer olive Grun and RLM Grun.

But I found them all so now the fun begins.
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