Webley Stock Found!


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Hey guys, anyone looking for this?

That'a a really sweet price. I got one of these puppies a while back and paid a crap load more for it than that!

If anyone's in the market for one, get it quick. I've seen them go for considerably more.

Nice find Spidey.

I got one of those awhile ago too.

The problem is what are people using for the rest of the gun? I still need the Webley so I can put together an ESB.

Baddblood wrote:

It's oh so tempting...
Si, do you think it'll fit with the new MLC blaster?

I should hope so, given that the MLC RotJ and ESB were built using the same piece (a W & S Stock) as a size reference. The stock on the MLC is moulded direct off the same piece.

Lonepigeon - see above ;)

Is anyone else producing a Webley?
No offense, but I want either a real Webley or direct reproduction of one.

Also it would be handy is someone could replicate the lanyard ring so it would be possible to add the sling for the ESB.
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