Blaster Looking for EE-3/Webley stock template...

Rook 3

Jr Hunter
I'm looking for a printable template for the Webley metal stock bracket and the wood stock itself .
Looking for make a BOBF blaster, but I'm thinking a 3D printed stock bracket just won't be strong enough.
The site search has come up empty and google was a fail as well.


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I used the template above and made my stock, handle, and grip from wood. Then 3d printed the remainder of the blaster. Unless you plan on buying a metal replica, I think that's your best bet for strength and functionality.

Rook 3

Jr Hunter
Semi-related question for those who own EE-3 rifles already: How do you hold it?

Pretty much all the reference photos I can find of Boba, no matter the actual actor in the suit, has them with their thumb OVER the back of the "thumbhole" stock bracket, and not INSIDE of it.

When armored up, is the "thumbhole" just not large enough to grip the Webley/blaster grip properly?


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