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About 15 years ago I already had a 90% complete ANH SE Boba Fett costume finished.
Most of the armor and softparts I bought from bobamaker, a few pieces I made on my own and the blaster came from Sidewinder. ( somewhere in the deep caverns of this board there should be a building diary )
Then, some serious circumstances forced me to sell everything, wich I regreted instantly.

Right now, I am just at the beginning of a second try, as everything should come out easier due 3D printing, modern materials, awesome sources...

And so, the ride beginns today, as I just recieved another awesome EE-3 kit from Sidewinder again

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Real Scooby
Bummer that you had to sell off everything. But I get it, times get tough and most folks look for that easy way to gain that quick buck to alleviate the pain. BUT.....sounds like that's past you, which is a good thing and more importantly your on your way once again to becoming Fett! So I believe congrats are in order. And also got yourself started out right with a Sidewinder EE-3. Got mine last year, and I love mine!
Sidewinder - Iron's EE-3.jpg

I also integrated a magnetic orange tip for cons too so it can easily be removed for pics!
Photo Feb 21 2023, 6 01 26 PM.jpg

Have fun!
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I put the .stl file for the orange tip in my WIP, which is: Iron's ROTJ WIP
(Page 21 - Post #421)
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Thanks dude. Reactivating my account over here, just felt like I am home again, so... thanks for the re-welcome

At this point, I am still unsure if I do another Boba or just do a OC Mandalorian

The magnetic orange tip is a great idea and I might copy that
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