!!Update - 3/17/05!! Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster/Webley Drawings


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!!Full Size PDF Added - 9/7/15!! Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster/Webley Drawings

Well it has been ten yes 10 years since I originally uploaded these drawings and I was informed that the links finally died. Thank you to the original "Blaster Builders Club" Mods for hosting them all these years. Sorry never got around to adding the dimensions. Overcome by other events, maybe some day. Looks like 3D printing has eclipsed the old drafting/ blueprint way of doing things anyway.

Attached below is a full size PDF version that will print out on 3 sheets of 24" X 36" paper.

As always constructive criticism and feedback is encouraged. Let me know if you have any questions

Thank you fettcicle and Sidewinder (of the RPF) for providing the pictures and the dimensions that have been instrumental in the creation these drawings.



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Beautiful drawings! I own a Webley and you really did it justice. I didn't actually expect you to go so far as to dimension the individual components and working mechanisms.

So do I understand that you didn't have one of these in your hand when you did the drawings? If so, that is even more impressive!

I can't wait to see the additional drawings!

Thank you. These drawings are done completely through the use of photos, several dimensions and descriptions of the various operations generously contributed by fettcicle and Sidewinder. I have never held a Webley and at the current price of $1200 for an original I most likely never will. I have toyed with the idea of trying to locate a bronze one, but I’ve heard that they are few and far between these days. Now with the drawings I’m planning to build my own.

The goal is to have set of drawings with enough detail to be able to build a working Webley from scratch. It’s been sometime since I have done shop drawings so that part of the project may take a while, but I want to get the add-ons done before I start that phase.

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wow truely amazing...i appreciate your work as well as i admire it. when these are finished it will be truely remarkable. with these i should have no problem making a welby myself.

Regards from the-Dark-Knight-
:D cewl! gonna use these for my rough fett gun!! thnx alot.

am i correct that if i want to print them 1:1 in paint, i need to shrink em down to
59, 3 % of the format?

thnx, Rick
i used that pic of TK-409's measurements, wich is a rotj kit, and toke a piece thats basicly just teh webley and after a calculation i got to the conclusion i had to shrink it to 59,3....

:) ill check back later
I'm confused how I can get these to print to scale. I only have access to Photoshop 7.0. If I change the DPI to 200%, the image becomes huge. Never mind printing at 390%.

Wizard, is there any way to add a small scale legend to each image so we can scale these properly for printing?


One other piece of information that might help is that the length of the barrel is 10.55 inches from the back of the breach to the ent of the barrel.

I have just ordered a casting of an original Webley from Sidewinder (check it out the cargohold http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=10871 and it was only $145 shipped) and as soon as I have my hot little hands on it I will be updating the drawings as need. Once they have been revised I will be reposting them and I promise to include a scale this time.

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Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I just recieved a Webley casting today From Sidewinder and I will be comparing it to the drawings this weekend. I will make sure to include some section veiws of the chamber area.

I have compared Sidewinder’s casting to my drawings and for a few very minor misses the drawings are nearly dead on, but they will be revised to match the casting. It is just cool to be able to see how close I was able to get just using pictures as a reference. I tried to show my wife, but she just walked away shaking her head.

So stay tuned updated drawings are on the way and I will include a scale maybe a 1” grid as well

I have updated the drawings in the first post. I recently bought a casting of a real Webley from Sidewinder and from that I made some adjustments to the drawings and this time I added a scale and a 1” grid to make scaling easier.


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