Hasbro EE-3 Painting - "Oil Rubbed Bronze" Spray Paint?

Bob A Feet

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Hey everyone,

Getting ready to repaint my Hasbro EE-3. Just want something Halloween quality, but the stock green and orange paint scheme has to go.

I was thinking of using a metallic black paint followed by some brushed on silver accents (then maybe a matte or semi-gloss coating?) but then I discovered "oil rubbed bronze" spray paints. Apparently both Krylon and Rust-Oleum make them.

Seems like a cool way to add some rust type coloring without any additional work; any thoughts?

Also, after putting the silver accents on, should I put a clear coat on? Thinking matte or semi-gloss, not full gloss.



I'm dumb and didn't search the forum first; there was a post 10 years ago that asked this exact same question:

Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze Spraypaint for ESB Blaster?

I think it looks cool, although maybe not as "black" as I'd want; maybe a black primer/base coat would help that?
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