QuartZ's ESB EE-3 Build


New Hunter
Slow and steady, I have another minor update that took me quite some time and effort. I have been meaning to get a resin 3D printer to supplement my FDM printer for a long time. The hammer on this prop was my excuse to finally dive in and get one. It's not that I didn't get a good part with the FDM print, but I really was after the texture on the hammer. So here's how it came out:


You can definitely see that the checkered area came out clean and crisp. However, the resin printer also exposed the low-polygon nature of other areas of the model (particularly some curved surfaces). No worries, that's easily fixed with some sanding and it's a much simpler issue to address than the checkers, Also resin sands easier than filament plastic.

Here's a comparison of the new resin printed part with the original placeholder I made with my FDM (obviously I need to remove the supports):


And a closer look at that pattern:


If anyone is curious, the resin printer I chose was a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K. It's a little printer, but high detail which is currently my need when making props/costumes. I think it's amazing to have both technologies as tools and I look forward to more projects where they work in together.

OK, back to work!


That is something when you see the side by side comparison. 3D printing is truly an art form. I bought a Robo 3D R1 back in 2014 but ended up selling it as I wasn't very successful with it and didn't have the time to commit to making it work.


Ya, as strong as CA glue is, you'll probably get a broken trigger somewhere else rather than where the glue bond is. Half the fun is letting people handle this stuff and enjoy it with us. That is until that awful "crack" sound happens :)

Yeah, I'll see how that goes when I finish my build and eventually get it out in public.