Help IDing an EE-3 kit


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Hey-O. So I'm a RPF'er, mostly a lightsaber guy, but I hath been bit by the blaster bug and have decided to dip my toes into the water with an ROTJ EE-3.

There's some pretty awesome metal kits out there, so awesome that they are more money than I feel comfortable dropping down. Plus, I want to get my hands a little dirtier than just assembling a premade kit.

I thought I'd go for a resin or resin/metal hybrid kit and slowly search and add-on real part greeblies as I got my hands on them.

Most of the kits I have looked at in the past though weren't available anymore. I chanced a look on eBay and it was mostly painted 3D printed versions, or repaints of the toy version, neither of which are worth the money or close enough to accurate for my liking.

There were some WAY overpriced MRs, and a couple resells of the metal kit builds out there, again for more than I wanted to spend.

In all that I spotted a resin one. It was being sold by a 501st Trooper, and I know their guidelines for trooping are in the neighborhood of accurate. It was beat to hell, needs a lot of work and TLC, and the greeblies aren't very accurate-- so basically perfect for what I want.

I thought it was maybe the Molon Labe resin kit, but now that I have it in hand, I can see that it is not.

It must be a 3rd or more generation pull because the side greeblies are pretty blobby. The stock greeblies are decent, though the skull-shaped one is the wrong size.

The t-track on the barrel is resin, but was not part of the same mold as the barrel-- they are attached separately. The Webley body is close, but drifts in its conformity-- again, I assume a 3rd or 4th generation from whatever it was originally molded from.

The stock is wood, the arm is metal, and the scope is real.

I'm wondering if any of you know the provenance of where this kit came from.

It's about the right dimensions, and again, it needs a lot of work-- new scope rings, new trigger and guard, and some how I need to repair the broken hammer, and the side fins are gone.

As mentioned, the F4 parts on the sides are blobby, so I'll sand those down and replace them as well.

The scope isn't quite the right model, but it's pretty close. The stock can be refinished and I can re-shape it a bit. So yeah-- lot's of work.

I'm hoping to start with some parts from Sidewinder , or get somebody with 3D skills to pull some bits out of the open source 3D printer plan for me to throw onto shapeways until I find the real things.

And obviously it will be repainted.



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Hard to say. Almost looks like something custom built or 3d printed rather than a cast of an actual Webley to me. Receiver/breech area just looks a little funky in places. D-brackets definitely custom


I wouldn’t bother, the stock looks innaccuraye and the blaster tip is way too long.

Like you said, a ton of work.

RS props also sells finished blasters.


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I wouldn’t bother, the stock looks innaccuraye and the blaster tip is way too long.

Like you said, a ton of work.

RS props also sells finished blasters.
Well-- I already bought it. It wasn't much, but I'm in it for the work.

I don't Troop or cosplay, nor am I stickler for super fine accuracy. If it looks right on a shelf that's fine by me, I'm not one for busting out a micrometer.

With my lightsabers I've always taken the approach of trying to do what the prop teams did-- but with time and no sloppiness.

And honestly it's the work itself I enjoy-- my day job is all in my head so I like having something to do with my hands. I'd never buy a complete replica, doing the work and having it be imperfect is the fun part for me.

This is also a low budget toe-dip in the water for me. The ROTJ blaster was a resin mess to begin with. I figure if this turns out well I'll get real with an ESB version.