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IF you are using the magnet method for your Boba Fett make sure you are very very careful around the chest display LED, the magnets from amazing mangets will permanantly disable it.

I put the vest together and dont plan on taking the armor on and off alot so it should be fins, but if you do keep it away from there.
LEDs being affected by a magnet, thats a new one on me, do you want to back out now or keep digging :lol:
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Well all I know is I had 2 boards, now I have one. I have to use a friend made board now because the one I got from here is dead. The whole bar of magnets stuck to the side of it, the bar of magnets is very very powerful, I am not sure if one single magnet would affect it. IF you want to try it out though be my guest.
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Magnets and IC chips maybe a problem but not solid state LEDs, if they can survive Tesla rooms and MRI scanning rooms they will survive the most powerful neomidium magnet you can buy.
Maybe the magnets (which conduct electricity) shorted something out).
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Interesting point Cal196. I hadn't thought of that issue. I've done the magnet method and am not very happy with it. I got the strong earth magnets and they're strong, but when the magnets behind the vest come too close to each other while I'm wearing it, they grab onto each other and leave their "assigned post!" I'm currently going back to snaps anyway.
Hmm perhapes I can show you how I did mine, I am not having that problem.

I can make a tutorial here and you can try it maybe. I do not have the magnets on the inside but rather on the outside.
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