Walking the Walk

Hey all,

I did some searching on Google this morning about walking in Boba Fett's boots with the toe spikes and had no luck.

Do you guys have a certain walk you do while in costume, or does it just take practice? My main concern is damaging the spikes or tripping over them.

Any thoughts are much appreciated!


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Make sure they are well attached to the metal plate and that plate is well attached to the boot.
I don't walk any specific way, just am aware that the spikes are there. I have had them catch on stairs, carpet and tree roots. Just be careful. Don't need Boba doing a face plant in the middle of a troop.


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I walk heel to toe. Dont drag your feet. No different than walking normal. Just be aware of your surroundings. If your doing 501st things like me then usually your handlers will help you walk around. Guiding you for pictures, doorways, children etc....