1. Studio Stasis

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  2. BrightFett

    hi does anybody know where to find ESB boots already weathered with spikes ?

    best place to find esb boots ?
  3. Swiftcloud

    ROTJ Details

    So for the ROTJ (not SE) Fett: Boots have black stripe or no stripe? I’m getting ready to weather them but I can’t seem to find the answer. Some photos seem to show a stripe and others don’t. I don’t want to paint it in only to find out that it’s incorrect. can anyone answer this?
  4. Rodabary

    Boba Fett Boots RS

    Hey everyone!! Not sure if everyone saw this but for those looking for a set of boots it looks like there’s another option available... RS props now has Fett boots in stock... weathered and with spikes installed!! Price is 184.99GBP (about 236 USD) and it looks like the have from 42-48eu sizes...