VillainWorks FPH2 ROTJ for Evnltr


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It'll be a little bit before I can get started on this, but wanted to get a place holder up for it......

Justin has asked me to paint up his brand new FPH2 ROTJ............

This helmet is quite the work of art.... I never realized how much physical damage there is on it.......... I won't go into a long review of the helmet, as that's been done...

I will say that if you're after the definitive ROTJ helmet, this is it.......

I'm very much looking forward to starting work on this.

Anyway, here's the pics of how I recevied it.






Woohoo!! I can tell you I've seen Robert's paint work up close on multiple pieces and his work is beyond incredible. Attention to details is astounding. I'm thrilled and grateful he's taken this up for me down the road. ROTJ folks you're really going to love watching this progress.


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Me too....... I have two I'm in the process of finishing, and then will be starting on Justin's bucket....