Superjedi's FPH2 ESB for EK


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And here we go! Red time!
This really changes the look of the helmet. Everything starts to appear more cohesive.
This is Archive-X D&H Caboose Red.

20221008_071446.jpg 20221008_071422.jpg


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I finished the upper portion of the right mandible, and now my poor eyeballs have melted. :lol:
To me, this has always been one of the make or break areas of the ESB paintjob. There's a crazy amount of tiny chips and details in a relatively small space.
I'm including a collage showing the stages I go through to build the detail up topically.

20221015_143407.jpg 20221015_143347.jpg


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The Superjedi Dictionary of all that is Fett call this step as mandibalization of the helmet.

Yeah, the right mandible and the left side of the right back panel are the most time consuming and complicated areas.