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Fett 4 Real

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As promised. Here are some pictures of the left back panel of the Fett helmet I bought. As you can see there are no sanding marks. Some paint details may be removed but definetly there are no sanding scratches as seen before on this thread on another maker helmet. I still believe the helmet masters MF and WF got were sanded individually instead of being casts of an already sanded master.

I have asked a local metal blacksmith to make me one helmet stand with black steel (exactly the same one as the 626AM studios but for 35$, I might make a sales thread once I get my own if there is enough interest). So I'll take better pictures with a DSLR once I get it and I have some time (my first daughter is expected to be born this monday).

Have a nice day!

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Do you think its a good idea to copy the site owners stand and try and sell it on his site?


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And now you have my attention as you responded to Dom's response to KaNnE 's post as if it were your idea/project and not his. :unsure:
Well, it was not a project, just an idea. I'm making one for me not to pay high shipping/customs but I do not have the need to make this a project or a sales thread of any kind.

And no, intwenothor has nothing to do with me or my idea :confused: