Superjedi's MF #6 ESB for Jesster


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I feel like I just hit the mother-load of learning materials. This helps a ton and your work is impressive. Thank you for sharing the process.

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Thanks, guys! The helmet is very close to being finished now. . . just need to find time this week to do a few quick sessions.
The ears are completely done now. I've also finished the final pastel weathering pass and have clear coated the helmet.

What's left: ear assembly, spatter, visor and MQ-1 board installation, RF assembly.

The next update will include completed pics! (y) Thanks for your patience, Jesse.


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ESB #25 is finished. :)

This was a very cool, unusual helmet to work on! The original Malone Fett castings are few and far between, so it was great to get to handle one.
Here's a gallery of completed pics. Many thanks to Jesse for his patience, and to everyone who followed along!
There are a handful more pics on my Fett Facebook page--CounterFett Creations.
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Outstanding Eric!! You are correct Refugee I am one lucky guy. Can't wait to see it in person. Thank you so much for taking on this commission Eric! Always a pleasure dealing with you.


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Love your work - and as much as I enjoy following the process, I really love seeing the final piece come together. :D