Superjedi's MCR-ESB for Adam


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I started on the front of the helmet with the left corner of the visor opening. So finally I was able to paint the crack repair. I'll add some simulated epoxy at the end of the project.



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As with the left mandible, I also break up the right mandible into upper and lower sections. The upper section is one of the more detail heavy areas on the helmet, and getting it done is very satisfying.
Here's a pic of this area along with a collage showing how I build the detail using a topical process.

20201228_204407.jpg 20201228_204729.jpg


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Made a quick mod to the RF. Haloax44 sent a Terminalfettler RF topper as well as a genuine vintage Polaroid SX-70 camera. He asked me to swap the cast viewfinder for the real piece.
After contacting Terminalfettler for advice, I was able to easily pop off the casting and replace it with the vintage part.
Thanks for the info, Garrett! (y)

20201230_140049.jpg IMG_20201230_140939_377.jpg 20201230_135823.jpg 20201230_135920.jpg


superjedi RafalFett
how were the circuit board and visor scrap pieve mounted behind the keyslots on the original helmet? Ive looked through the reference pics and used the search function but wasnt able to come up with a satisfying answer.

I seem to recall hot glue, but when you hold the circuit board to the inside of the helmet, there is a very large gap through whicht the hot glue would come out of the keyslots if I were to do it that way. Id very much appretiate a response!


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Maybe it was milliput too, but not the same one. Standard is yellow, the one used for the visor looks like a light grey, maybe it was silver-grey. I do not know. I used a standard epoxy which was grey-white on my helmet.