Superjedi's MCR-ESB for Adam


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Ah... fresh clean primer! Take a good look. This is the cleanest the helmet will be from now on. :p

20201206_163441.jpg 20201206_163505.jpg


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Shot the first color on the rear panels this afternoon. Not terribly exciting, but things will pick up pretty quick. :)

20201207_161537.jpg 20201207_161515.jpg

On these lineage castings, I like to mask things off to keep things as clean as I can.


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I masked the rear panels and shot the dark green. These are the basic shapes. I'll go back in with a fine brush and adjust the shapes and add the smaller details.

20201208_113419.jpg 20201208_113358.jpg
20201208_113338.jpg 20201208_113310.jpg


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Found this image in the Gallery under the AoSW exhibit from 2002 which shows the screw in place:

The same exhibit from 2000 doesn't have the screw. Weird... From the C-IV exhibit images it's hard to tell if the screw is missing or not.

(This post was just an excuse to admire Eric's awesome paint jobs).


I've been away for years and have just recently returned to the fold. I've always enjoyed watching these paint threads by Superjedi and glad to see they're still going strong! I've still got my GMH I bought from Fettpride back in the day that still needs to be painted, though I see things have changed over the years!


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The biggest portion of the right panel is the big scrape. So many tiny chips and scratches...

20201210_184947.jpg 20201210_184907.jpg

You can see how the pale gray almost disappears when the light hits it a certain way.


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Starting to work on the damage on the rear of the dome. The MCR-ESB helmet has all those fine scratches preserved in the surface, so it makes it really fun to see them come to life.

20201213_083724.jpg 20201213_083745.jpg 20201213_083701.jpg