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Hi all,
I moved my "left ear" pics into this thread. . . not sure why I couldn't change the title of the other thread.
Anyway, I've recently started painting my super sweet new M_S 2. It will be ESB, and I'll post progress pics in this thread as I go.
Here's the left ear for starters. To paint it, I used Testors RLM Green #83, with details picked out in RLM Lichtblau, and Polly Scale Rock Island Maroon. I tried to follow reference pics as closely as I could.
The decals are by Ely (fantastic by the way!).

left ear1.JPG

left ear3.JPG
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OK, I've begun painting the helmet itself. I started on the back. . . figured I'd do the most complicated part first. :lol: I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.

I started by mixing a beige-gray color and sprayed that on. Easy enough to begin with. Once it was dry, I followed in the footsteps of the mighty Steve the Swede and traced out the areas I wanted to leave exposed. Then I used the highly touted Winsor and Newton's masking fluid to cover these sections.

Once the masking fluid was dry, I sprayed on a dark blue green. It started out as Testors Euro I Green (from the Rogue Studios color list), but I didn't think it was blue enough, so I added some Polly Scale BAR blue until I felt it closely matched the reference pics.
Once that was dry, I peeled up the masking latex, and . . .

This is where it stands right now. No weathering or anything yet of course. Just the 2 main colors on the back panels.

ESB back1.JPG

ESB back left.JPG

ESB back right.JPG
You know the back is the most complicated...Maybe next time I'll start that first also ...Great Idea..

SJedi, how you Lovin that Masking Fluid....Nice HUH??:)
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Spideyfett said:
SJedi, how you Lovin that Masking Fluid....Nice HUH??:)

Spidey. . . what can I say. I'm thinking about writing a love letter to Winsor/Newton. :lol: That stuff was so easy to use I couldn't believe it. And it came off like nothing.
I'm still shaking my head at how easy it made to paint the back of the helmet.
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Hey guys,
What is this masking fluid you are talking about? Is it liquid mask? Got a pic of the bottle ? Your helmet is looking awesome!!!!! I want in in the fun. Thanks
That looks great. I am having a hard time even with weak tape. The paint wants to come off where I have masked it off. When I peel the tape off it ruins my weathering effect. Is it possible to spray a coat of satin on each part of the helmet you have already done so the paint chipping effect wont come off what you have already done?
Masking is basically liquid rubber either use some latex you can buy at an art store or misket which was used on the originals. It's a very old method that has been used by modelers and industry professionals for decades. only problem you run into is keeping the scratches accurate and less random it's very hard to keep the paint from peeling in the wrong direction.

UPDATE July 2nd:
Whew! What a day. . . I didn't realize how much I'd gotten done till I stopped to take a good look at my progress. Figured I'd take some more pics at this stage.

Well. . . to begin with, all the basic colors are now sprayed on. I used Testors Panzer Olivgrun for the lower cheeks and dome, Polly S Brunswick Green for the upper cheeks (brushed on with a 1/2 inch brush by the way), and Polly S Boxcar Red misted over Polly S Rock Island Maroon for the mandibles/strip around the helmet. After all the main colors were dry, I put on 2 light coats of Krylon Satin Finish. Man this stuff dries smooth. :)

For detail painting on the back, I again penciled the outlines of the color breaks, and used Tamiya X-11 Chrome Silver, and when that dried, Polly S SP Lark Dark Gray for the darker areas. On the keyslot area there's some purple outlining mixed from Polly S BAR Blue and Rock Island Maroon, made to match my reference pics. Some of the smaller silver scratches are done with a silver Sharpie marker (thanks Spidey for that outstanding tip!!) I used the sharp end of my compass to make the small white scratches.

Still have washing and some more weathering to do but here's where it is as of now.

back weathered.JPG

back weathered2.JPG

back weathered3.JPG
superjedi said:
Some of the smaller silver scratches are done with a silver Sharpie marker (thanks Spidey for that outstanding tip!!) I used the sharp end of my compass to make the small white scratches.

Still have washing and some more weathering to do but here's where it is as of now.

No Problem...Hey we're all here to help each other right??

I Love the way that silver looks....That's gonna look great...(y)
UPDATE July 4th
Well, I took advantage of the long weekend to put some more work into the helmet. :)
I've been working on the weathering around the Boxcar Red portions of the helmet. Just been following the reference pics and putting on more gray/silver/purple parts. The right mandible is done as well. . . man, that was a killer.

Also I wanted to do something besides the red sections, so I did the lower left cheek. I tried it first with the SP Lark Dark Gray, but as mentioned by Steve the Swede, it was too close to the Panzer Olivgrun to really show up, so I took his advice and darkened it up with some Brunswick Green. That made it contrast nicely!
Here's some new pics. They're taken indoors in fading light, so they may look a bit different from my previous pics, taken in brighter sunlight near a window.
Anyway, enjoy! And as always, critiques are welcome.

right mand big2.JPG

left cheek2.JPG
oh man, GREAT tutorial on the back. That is the ONE section of my helmet I am not very proud of, I had literally two different techniques on each side for that part and still was very unsure about my final result. I am going with what you did on my second one. Great job !!
Man... all of these "newer" guys with their kick butt painting on their buckets is making me really consider going back and repainting mine! DOH! Just when I thought I was almost out... :lol:
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