Superjedi's Fugly ESB for Sean Y.


Sr Hunter
Everyone ready for a new helmet?
I'm starting number 68 this weekend! This one is an older "Fugly" kit from Wasted Fett. It's got a nice metal ear set, and a metal Borden piece from Machinecraft Replicas.
I'll be doing this one as a screen used ESB.

20230519_132022.jpg 20230519_131956.jpg
Did a bit of clean up work around the visor opening and the skirt. The owner sent the helmet with the majority of the prep done, and I just smoothed things out a little.
Here's the helmet under a couple of coats of Tamiya primer. This is the cleanest it'll look from here on out!

20230520_202712.jpg 20230520_202652.jpg
I'm waiting for the first color on the back panels to dry, so I scuff sanded the metal ear set, masked off the bare metal portions, and hit them with some self-etching primer.
I'll let this cure for at least 48 hours before hitting them with the color coats.


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